Annapurna Ashtothram – Annapurna Ashtottara Shatanamavali 108 names

Annapurna Ashtothram or Annapurna ashtottara shatanamavali represents 108 divine names of Goddess Annapurna, the presiding deity of Kasi, along with God Shiva.

Annapurna Devi is the goddess of food and nourishment and she is an incarnated form of Goddess Parvathi, the wife of God shiva.

These goddess Annapurna names mentioned in the Ashtothram mainly explain the divine nature of the goddess, her compassion, bestowing, and motherly nature.

Along with these qualities, several names detail her appearance and worship. These 108 names are also present in a stotram form called Annapurna Ashtottra shatanama stotram.

Reciting the Annapurna Ashtothram is a great way to meditate on the mother Goddess Annapoorneshwari.

Goddess Annapurna Ashtothram - Annapurna ashtottara shatanamavali

Annapurna Ashtothram – Ashtottra Shatanamavali

  1. Om Annapurnayai Namaha
  2. Om Shivayai Namaha
  3. Om Devyai Namaha
  4. Om Bhimayai Namaha
  5. Om Pushtyai Namaha
  6. Om Saraswathyai Namaha
  7. Om Sarvagnayai Namaha
  8. Om Parvathyai Namaha
  9. Om Durgayai Namaha
  10. Om Sharvanyai Namaha
  11. Om Shiva vallabhayai Namaha
  12. Om Veda vedyayai Namaha
  13. Om Maha vidyayai Namaha
  14. Om Vidyadatryai Namaha
  15. Om Visharadayai Namaha
  16. Om Kumariyai Namaha
  17. Om Tripurayai Namaha
  18. Om Balayai Namaha
  19. Om Lakshmyai Namaha
  20. Om Sriyayai Namaha
  21. Om Bhaya haarinyai Namaha
  22. Om Bhavanyai Namaha
  23. Om Vishnu jananyai Namaha
  24. Om Brahmadi jananyai Namaha
  25. Om Ganesa jananyai Namaha
  26. Om Sakthyai Namaha
  27. Om Kumara jananyai Namaha
  28. Om Subhayai Namaha
  29. Om Bhoga pradayai Namaha
  30. Om Bhagavathyai Namaha
  31. Om Bhakthabheeshta pradayinyai Namaha
  32. Om Bhavaroga harayai Namaha
  33. Om Bhavyayai Namaha
  34. Om Subhrayai Namaha
  35. Om Parama mangalayai Namaha
  36. Om Bhavanyai Namaha
  37. Om Chanchalayai Namaha
  38. Om Gouryai Namaha
  39. Om Charu Chandrakala dharayai Namaha
  40. Om Visalakshyai Namaha
  41. Om Viswamatre Namaha
  42. Om Viswa vandhyayai Namaha
  43. Om Vilasinyai Namaha
  44. Om Aryayai Namaha
  45. Om Kalyana nilayayai Namaha
  46. Om Rudranyai Namaha
  47. Om Kamalasanayai Namaha
  48. Om Subha pradayai Namaha
  49. Om Anantayai Namaha
  50. Om Vrutthapeena payodharayai Namaha
  51. Om Ambayai Namaha
  52. Om Samahara mardhanyai Namaha
  53. Om Mrudanyai Namaha
  54. Om Sarva Mangalayai Namaha
  55. Om Vishnu samsevithayai Namaha
  56. Om Siddhayai Namaha
  57. Om Brahmanyai Namaha
  58. Om Sura sevithayai Namaha
  59. Om Paramananda-dayai Namaha
  60. Om Santhyai Namaha
  61. Om Paramananda rupinyai Namaha
  62. Om Paramananda jananyai Namaha
  63. Om Parananda pradayinyai Namaha
  64. Om Paropakara niratayai Namaha
  65. Om Paramayai Namaha
  66. Om Bhaktha vatsalayai Namaha
  67. Om Purnachandrabha vadanayai Namaha
  68. Om Purnachandra nibhamsukhayai Namaha
  69. Om Subhalakshana sampannayai Namaha
  70. Om Subhananda gunarnavayai Namaha
  71. Om Subha saubhagya nilayayai Namaha
  72. Om Subhadayai Namaha
  73. Om Ratipriyayai Namaha
  74. Om Chandikayai Namaha
  75. Om Chanda madanayai Namaha
  76. Om Chandadarpa nivarinyai Namaha
  77. Om Marthanda nayanayai Namaha
  78. Om Saadvyai Namaha
  79. Om Chandraagni nayanayai Namaha
  80. Om Satiyai Namaha
  81. Om Pundareekaharaya Namaha
  82. Om Poornayai Namaha
  83. Om Punyadayai Namaha
  84. Om Punya rupinyai Namaha
  85. Om Mayateethayai Namaha
  86. Om Sreshta mayayai Namaha
  87. Om Sreshta dharmatma vandithayai Namaha
  88. Om Asrustha Sajgna rahitayai Namaha
  89. Om Srushti hethuka vardhinyai Namaha
  90. Om Vrusha rudhayai Namaha
  91. Om Shula hastayai Namaha
  92. Om Sthithi samhara karinyai Namaha
  93. Om Mandasmithayai Namaha
  94. Om Skanda matre Namaha
  95. Om Suddha chittaya Namaha
  96. Om Muni stutyayai Namaha
  97. Om Maha bhagavatyai Namaha
  98. Om Dakshyai Namaha
  99. Om Dakshadwara vinasinyai Namaha
  100. Om Sarvardha dhatryai Namaha
  101. Om Savithryai Namaha
  102. Om Sadasiva kutumbinyai Namaha
  103. Om Nithya sundara sarvangyai Namaha
  104. Om Sacchidananda lakshanayai Namaha
  105. Om Sarva devata sampujyayai Namaha
  106. Om Shankara priya vallabhayai Namaha
  107. Om Sarvadharayai Namaha
  108. Om Mahasadhvyai Namaha

Ithi Sri Annapurna Ashtottara Shatanamavali Sampoornam.


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