15 Powerful Baglamukhi Mantras Slokas with Meaning & Benefits

Among the Mantras of the Mahavidya Goddesses, Baglamukhi Mantra has a unique place. It is highly popular due to the belief that Baglamukhi Beej Mantra clears legal matters and keeps the devotees protected from enemies.

Maa Baglamukhi is known for her powers of paralyzing the enemy’s speech and stupefying the opponents. So usually, devotees prefer worshipping her during troubles with their enemies or opponents.

The Baglamukhi mantra usually comprises a single seed sound (Bijakshara) Hleem.

There are several Mantras dedicated to the Goddess; of all Baglamukhi Shabar mantra, Beej Mantra, or Moola Mantra are famous.

Meditating on these mantras has several benefits, and they do miracles when practiced daily. They bestow you success and victory over your enemies.

Baglamukhi mantra or maa Baglamukhi beej mantra and Shabar Mantra of Goddess.

Sri Baglamukhi Beej Mantra – Moola Mantra (Om Hleem Bagalamukhi) with Meaning

Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarva Dushtanaam Vaacham Mukham padam
Sthambhaya Jihwaam Keelaya Bhuddhim Vinashaya Hleem om Swaha

I pray to you Goddess Baglamukhi, the essence of bijaksharas Om, Hleem, O the Devi, by whose grace the enemies become ineffective by restraining or arresting their speech, moments of the tongue, and also nullifying their intellect. My offerings to you, Goddess Baglamukhi.

Prardhana Sloka to Worship Devi

Jihwagramaadaya Karane Devim Vaamena Shatrun Paripeedayanteem
Gadabhidanena Cha Dakshinena Peetambaradhyam Dwibhujam Namami

O Devi Baglamukhi, who is holding the tip of the enemy’s tongue with her left hand and punishing him
By beating with mace present in her right hand, O the one adorned with the rich silk garments, My salutations to you, the two-armed Devi.

Sri Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra: Baglamukhi Mantra for Success

Om Baglamukhyae Cha Vidhmahe Stambhinyai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Bagla Prachodayat

I meditate on the Goddess Baglamukhi who is the cause of motionlessness (stambana). May Goddess Bagla awaken us to consciousness

Baglamukhi Shabar Mantra: Vashikaran Mantra and to Restrain Enemies

Om Malayachala Bagala Bhagavati Mahakruri Mahakaraali Rajamukha Bhandanam Gramamukha Bhandanam Gramapurusha Bhandanam Kalamukha Bhandanam Chauramukha Bandhanam Vyadramukha Bandhanam Sarva Dushtagraha Bhandanam Sarvajana Bandhanam Vashikuru Hum Phat Swaha

Triakshara and Ekakshara Baglamukhi Mantra to Meditate

Om Hleem Om

Om Hleem Klim Hrim Baglamukhi Swaha

Baglamukhi Dhyana Sloka in Rudrayamala Tantra Shastra

Souvarnasana Samsthitham Trinayanam Peetamsu Sukhollasineem
Hemabhamga Ruchim Shashanka Makutaam Sacchampaka Sragyutaam
Hasthaih Mudgara Pasa Vajra Rasanaah Sambibratim Bhushanaihi
Vyaptaangeem Baglamukhim Trijagataam Samstambhineem Chintayeth

Seated on a golden throne, O the three-eyed one, wearing fine garments, present in golden complexion and adorned with the crescent moon on her head.
The one having a club or hammer, noose, thunderbolt, and a cutter in her hands, bedecked with jewels
O Goddess Baglamukhi, the omnipresent, who can restrain all three worlds by her power, I meditate on you.

Ashtakshara Mantra

Om Aam Hleem Krom Hum Phat Swaha

Panchadasi Mantram of Maa Baglamukhi

Hrim Krim em bagalamukhyai gadhadharinyai swaha

Dhyana Sloka of the Devi with Meaning

Vaadi Mukati Rankati Kshitipatir Vaishwanaraha Shitati
Krodhee Samati Durjanaha Srujanati Kshipranugaha Khanjati
Garvii Kharvati Sarvaviccha Jadathi Twadyantranaa Yantratihi
Sri Nithyau Bhaglamukhi Pratidinam Kalyanitubhyam Namaha

With your blessings of powers of restraining speech to your sadhaka, anyone who argues in opposition to him becomes speechless. Kings against him are turning beggars, angered man behaves calmly, wicked will become righteous.
Those who worked against that sadhaka became lame, and proud enemies behaved with humility. Intelligent who turn against him become stupid.
O Devi Baglamukhi, who has such great powers, I worship you daily. (Please bestow me, your grace)

Other Baglamukhi Mantras

Om Klim Hleem Baglamukhi Sarvadushtanam Vacham Mukham Stambhaya StambHaya
Jihvaam Keelaya Keelaya Buddhim Vinashaya Vinashaya Klim Klaum Hleem Swaha

Om Hleem Klim Hrim Baglamukhi Tah – Navakshara Mantra

Brahmastram Brahma Vidyacha Brahmamata Sanatani
Brahmesi Brahma Kaivalya Bagala Brahmacharini

Om Seim Hrim Em Bhagavata Bhagale Mey Shrim Dehi Dehi Swaha

Om Hleem Baglamukhi Hleem Phat

How to Pray Goddess Baglamukhi Using these Mantras and Slokas

  • As per the scriptures, the worshipper doing the Baglamukhi japa needs to wear yellow-coloured clothes and start the japa facing towards the east.
  • The devotee needs to offer yellow-coloured flowers and offerings. Yogurt is one of the best things to offer to Baglamukhi Devi
  • In case of sadhana, the devotee also needs to perform a homa.
  • During the puja, the devotee must focus on Devi and have a stable mind without and distractions.
  • Tuesdays, Chaturdasi have a special place in this devi puja, along with full moon and no moon days. Night worship is preferred over daytime

Baglamukhi Mantra Benefits

Devi Baglamukhi Mahavidya is a stambhana vidya, where stambhana means restraining or arresting or making something motionless

So the main benefit of worshipping Goddess Bagala using Baglamukhi mantra is restraining someone’s speech, mostly the enemies.

By doing Sadhana, it is believed that the worshipper gets supernatural powers through the bliss of maa Baglamukhi. Whoever turns against such devotees will get ruined.

Such devotees are protected in all ways by the Shakti. They will be blessed with immense wealth, health, and all sorts of comforts.


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