Chandi Ashtothram- Sri Chandi Ashtottara Shatanamavali (108 Names)

Chandi is considered as one of the most powerful goddesses in Hinduism. She is a war goddess and gives victory and protection to her devotees. Although this form of Goddess looks ferocious, she is well known for her motherly nature.

Devotees often worship her using Chandi Ashtothram or Chandi Ashtottara shatanamavali which refers to the 108 names of Chandi devi.

Another way of worshipping this Goddess is using the Chandi path of Durga saptashloki and also by the Chandi mantra.

Worshipping this Goddess with true devotion will help you to obtain the divine bliss of the Goddess, ward off the evils, and to get blessed with victory and wealth.

It is good to recite the Chandi Ashtothram or Chandi Ashtottara Shatanamavali by sitting in a peaceful environment to feel divine bliss.

Chandi Ashtothram, Chandi Ashtottara shatanamavali, 108 names of Goddess Chandi

Chandi Ashtothram- Goddess Chandi Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 names

  1. Om Maheswaryai Namaha
  2. Om Mahadevyai Namaha
  3. Om Jayanthyai Namaha
  4. Om Sarva Mangalayai Namaha
  5. Om Lajjayai Namaha
  6. Om Bhagavathyai Namaha
  7. Om Vandhyayai Namaha
  8. Om Bhavanyai Namaha
  9. Om Papanasinyai Namaha
  10. Om Chandikayai Namaha
  11. Om Kalarathryai Namaha
  12. Om Bhadra Kalyai Namaha
  13. Om Aparajithayai Namaha
  14. Om Maha Vidyayai Namaha
  15. Om Maha Medhayai Namaha
  16. Om Maha Mayayai Namaha
  17. Om Maha Balayai Namaha
  18. Om Katyayinyai Namaha
  19. Om Jayayai Namaha
  20. Om Durgayai Namaha
  21. Om Mandara Vana Vasinyai Namaha
  22. Om Aryayai Namaha
  23. Om Giri Suthayai Namaha
  24. Om Dhatryai Namaha
  25. Om Mahishasura Ghathinyai Namaha
  26. Om Siddhidayai Namaha
  27. Om Bhuddhidayai Namaha
  28. Om Nithyayai Namaha
  29. Om Varadayai Namaha
  30. Om Vara Varninyai Namaha
  31. Om Ambikayai Namaha
  32. Om Sukhadayai Namaha
  33. Om Sowmyayai Namaha
  34. Om Jaganmatre Namaha
  35. Om Sivapriyayai Namaha
  36. Om Bhaktha Satataapa Samharthyai Namaha
  37. Om Sarva Kama Prapoorinyai Namaha
  38. Om Jagathkarthyai Namaha
  39. Om Jagathdhatryai Namaha
  40. Om Jagathpalana Tataparayai Namaha
  41. Om Avyakthayai Namaha
  42. Om Vyatha Roopayai Namaha
  43. Om Bheemayai Namaha
  44. Om Tripura Sundaryai Namaha
  45. Om Aparnayai Namaha
  46. Om Lalithayai Namaha
  47. Om Vidhyayai Namaha
  48. Om Poornachandra Nibhananayai Namaha
  49. Om Chamundayai Namaha
  50. Om Chaturayai Namaha
  51. Om Chandrayai Namaha
  52. Om Gunatraya Vibhaginyai Namaha
  53. Om Herambha Jananyai Namaha
  54. Om Kalyai Namaha
  55. Om Trigunayai Namaha
  56. Om Yashodharayai Namaha
  57. Om Umayai Namaha
  58. Om Kalasa Hasthayai Namaha
  59. Om Daithya Darpa Nighadhinyai Namaha
  60. Om Buddhyai Namaha
  61. Om Kanthyai Namaha
  62. Om Kshamayai Namaha
  63. Om Shanthyai Namaha
  64. Om Pushtyai Namaha
  65. Om Tushtyai Namaha
  66. Om Druthyai Namaha
  67. Om Mathyai Namaha
  68. Om Varaayudha Dharayai Namaha
  69. Om Dheerayai Namaha
  70. Om Gowryai Namaha
  71. Om Sakhambaryai Namaha
  72. Om Shivayai Namaha
  73. Om Ashtasiddhi Pradayai Namaha
  74. Om Vaamayai Namaha
  75. Om Shiva Vaamanga Vasinyai Namaha
  76. Om Dharmadayai Namaha
  77. Om Dhanadayai Namaha
  78. Om Sridaayai Namaha
  79. Om Kamadayai Namaha
  80. Om Mokshadayai Namaha
  81. Om Aparayai Namaha
  82. Om Chitswa Roopayai Namaha
  83. Om Chidanandayai Namaha
  84. Om Jayadayinyai Namaha
  85. Om Sarvamangala Mangalyayai Namaha
  86. Om Jagatraya Hithaishinyai Namaha
  87. Om Sharvanyai Namaha
  88. Om Parvatyai Namaha
  89. Om Dhanyaayai Namaha
  90. Om Skandamatre Namaha
  91. Om Akhileswaryai Namaha
  92. Om Prasannarthi Haraya Namaha
  93. Om Devyai Namaha
  94. Om Subhagayai Namaha
  95. Om Kamaroopinyai Namaha
  96. Om Niraakarayai Namaha
  97. Om Sakarayai Namaha
  98. Om Maha Kalyai Namaha
  99. Om Sureshwaryai Namaha
  100. Om Sharvayai Namaha
  101. Om Shraddhayai Namaha
  102. Om Dhruvayai Namaha
  103. Om Kruthyayai Namaha
  104. Om Mrudanyai Namaha
  105. Om Bhaktha Vatsalayai Namaha
  106. Om Sarvashakthi Samayukthayai Namaha
  107. Om Sharanyayai Namaha
  108. Om Satyakamadayai Namaha

ithi sri Chandi ashtottara shatanamavali Samaptham


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