Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Chandra

Lord Chandra (the moon) is one among the Navagraha’s (nine celestial planets) in Hinduism. This lunar deity was depicted as the one riding on a chariot with an antelope or with ten horses. The Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali also called the 108 names of Chandra describes his divine nature, personality, and attributes. Several of these names also mention Lord Chandra as the one who can remove sins, the fulfiller of wishes, and the one to bring happiness.

One can recite these 108 names during pooja time to get his full blessings as well as to remove any doshas. Also as one among the Navagrahas, Chandra has immense importance and it is explained in several Stotras like Navagraha Stotram and Chandragraha Kavacham.

Lord Chandra described in Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali or 108 names

Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 names of Chandra

  1. Om Srimathe Namaha
  2. Om Shashadharaya Namaha
  3. Om Chandraya Namaha
  4. Om Taaradhishaya Namaha
  5. Om Nisakaraya Namaha
  6. Om Sudhanidhaye Namaha
  7. Om Sadaa(a)radhyaya Namaha
  8. Om Satpathaye Namaha
  9. Om Sadhu poojithaya Namaha
  10. Om Jitendriyaya Namaha
  11. Om Jagadhyonaya Namaha
  12. Om Jyothishchakra pravarthakaya Namaha
  13. Om Vikarthananujaya Namaha
  14. Om Veraya Namaha
  15. Om Visweshaya Namaha
  16. Om Vidusham pathaye Namaha
  17. Om Dhoshakaraya Namaha
  18. Om Dhushta duraya Namaha
  19. Om Pushtimathe Namaha
  20. Om Shista palakaya Namaha
  21. Om Ashtamurthi priyaya Namaha
  22. Om Anataya Namaha
  23. Om Kastadaru-kutarakaya Namaha
  24. Om Swaprakashaya Namaha
  25. Om Prakashathmane Namaha
  26. Om Dyucharaya Namaha
  27. Om Deva bhojanaya Namaha
  28. Om Kaladharaya Namaha
  29. Om Kalaheythave Namaha
  30. Om Kamakruthe Namaha
  31. Om Kamadayakaya Namaha
  32. Om Mruthyu samharakaya Namaha
  33. Om Amarthyaya Namaha
  34. Om Nityanushtana dayakaya Namaha
  35. Om Kshapakaraya Namaha
  36. Om Kshina papaya Namaha
  37. Om Kshyavrudhi samnvitaya Namaha
  38. Om Jaivathrukaya Namaha
  39. Om Sesine Namaha
  40. Om Subhraya Namaha
  41. Om Jayine Namaha
  42. Om Jayaphala pradhaya Namaha
  43. Om Sudhamayaya Namaha
  44. Om Suraswamine Namaha
  45. Om Bhakthanamishta dayakaya Namaha
  46. Om Bhukthidaya-mukthidaya Namaha
  47. Om Bhadraaya Namaha
  48. Om Bhakthadaridya bhanjakaya Namaha
  49. Om Samagana priyaya Namaha
  50. Om Sarva-rakshakaya Namaha
  51. Om Sagarodh-bhavaya Namaha
  52. Om Bhayathakruthe Namaha
  53. Om Bhaktigamyaya Namaha
  54. Om Bhavabhanda vimochakaya Namaha
  55. Om Jagathprakasha-kiranaya Namaha
  56. Om Jagadhananda karanaya Namaha
  57. Om Nissapathnaya Namaha
  58. Om Niraharaya Namaha
  59. Om Nirvikaraya Namaha
  60. Om Niramayaya Namaha
  61. Om Bhucha-yayacchaditaya Namaha
  62. Om Bhavyaya Namaha
  63. Om Bhuvanaprathipalakaya Namaha
  64. Om Sakalaarthihaaraya Namaha
  65. Om Sowmya-janakaya Namaha
  66. Om Sadhu vanditaya Namaha
  67. Om Sarwagamagnaya Namaha
  68. Om Sarvagnaya Namaha
  69. Om Sanakadimuni-sthuthaya Namaha
  70. Om Sitachatthra dwajopethaya Namaha
  71. Om Sitaamgaya Namaha
  72. Om Sitabhushanaya Namaha
  73. Om Swethamalyambhara-dharaya Namaha
  74. Om Swethagandhanu-lepanaya Namaha
  75. Om Dhasaswa-radha-samrudhaya Namaha
  76. Om Dandapanaye Namaha
  77. Om Dhanurdharaya Namaha
  78. Om Kumdapushpojwala(a)kaaraya Namaha
  79. Om Nayanabhja samudhbhavaya Namaha
  80. Om Aatreya gothrajaya Namaha
  81. Om Athyantha vinayaya Namaha
  82. Om Priyadaayakaya Namaha
  83. Om Karunarasa-sampoornaya Namaha
  84. Om Karkata prabhave Namaha
  85. Om Avyayaya Namaha
  86. Om Chaturasrasanarudhaya Namaha
  87. Om Chaturaya Namaha
  88. Om Divyavahanaya Namaha
  89. Om Vivaswan-mandalaagneya-vasane Namaha
  90. Om Vasu-samruddhidaya Namaha
  91. Om Maheswara-priyaya Namaha
  92. Om Damtaya Namaha
  93. Om Merugotra pradakshinaya Namaha
  94. Om Grahamandala madyasthaya Namaha
  95. Om Grasitaarkaaya Namaha
  96. Om Grahadeepaya Namaha
  97. Om Dwijarajaya Namaha
  98. Om Dhyuthilakaya Namaha
  99. Om Dwibhujaya Namaha
  100. Om Dwija poojithaya Namaha
  101. Om Audhumbaranaga-vasaya Namaha
  102. Om Udaaraya Namaha
  103. Om Rohini pathaye Namaha
  104. Om Nityodayaya Namaha
  105. Om Muni-stuthyaya Namaha
  106. Om Nityanada phalapradaya Namaha
  107. Om Sakalaahladana-karaya Namaha
  108. Om Palasaa-samidha-priyaya Namaha

Ithi Sri Chandra Ashtotthara Shatanamavali Sampoornam


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