Kubera Ashtothram- Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali- 108 Names

Among the several ways of worshipping Lord Kubera, the Kubera Ashtothram or Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali have a unique place. They praise him with the 108 divine names describing the various attributes, appearance, and bestowing nature.

Kubera is well known as the Lord of Wealth, King of Yakshas, and Dikpalaka of the North direction in Hindu mythology.

Different names present in this Kubera Ashtothram reveal the close association between the Great God Shiva and Kubera. The names describe Kubera as a close person to Shiva, and his urge in doing Shiva puja.

These Kubera ashtottara shatanamavali names also describe his association with Goddess Lakshmi and his relation with Ravana, Surpanakha, Yakshas, Kinnaras, and Kimpurushas. Also, they explained Kubera as the head of all the treasures, greatness, and bestowing nature.

Kubera Ashtothram- Lord Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Sri Kubera Ashtothram or Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali

  1. Om Kuberaya Namaha
  2. Om Dhanadaya Namaha
  3. Om Srimathe Namaha
  4. Om Yakshesaya Namaha
  5. Om Guhyakeshwaraya Namaha
  6. Om Nidheeshaya Namaha
  7. Om Shankara Sakhaya Namaha
  8. Om Maha Lakshmi Nivasabhuvey Namaha
  9. Om Mahapadma Nidheesaya Namaha
  10. Om Poornaya Namaha
  11. Om Padma Nidheeswaraya Namaha
  12. Om Sankhakhya Nidhi Nadhaya Namaha
  13. Om Makaraakhya Nidhi Priyaya Namaha
  14. Om Sukaccha Panidheesaya Namaha
  15. Om Mukunda Nidhi Nayakaya Namaha
  16. Om Kundaakya Nidhi Nadhaya Namaha
  17. Om Neela Nithyadhipaya Namaha
  18. Om Mahathey Namaha
  19. Om Varanidhi Deepaya Namaha
  20. Om Poojyaya Namaha
  21. Om Lakshmi Samrajya Daayakaya Namaha
  22. Om Ilapilaa patyaya Namaha
  23. Om Koshadheesaya Namaha
  24. Om Kulodheesaya Namaha
  25. Om Aswaa-rudhaya Namaha
  26. Om Viswa Vandhyaya Namaha
  27. Om Visheshagnyaya Namaha
  28. Om Visaradaya Namaha
  29. Om Nalakuubara Nathaya Namaha
  30. Om Manigreeva Pitrey Namaha
  31. Om Gudha Mantraya Namaha
  32. Om Vaisravanaya Namaha
  33. Om Chitralekhaa Manah Priyaya Namaha
  34. Om Ekapingaya Namaha
  35. Om Alakadheesaya Namaha
  36. Om Baulasthaya Namaha
  37. Om Nara Vahanaya Namaha
  38. Om Kailasa Shaila Nilayaya Namaha
  39. Om Rajyadaaya Namaha
  40. Om Ravana agrajaya Namaha
  41. Om Chitra Chaitra Radhaya Namaha
  42. Om Udhyana Viharaya Namaha
  43. Om Sukuthuhalaya Namaha
  44. Om Mahosthahaya Namaha
  45. Om Maha Pragnaya Namaha
  46. Om Sada Pushpaka Vahanaya Namaha
  47. Om Saarvabhaumaya Namaha
  48. Om Anganathaya Namaha
  49. Om Somaya Namaha
  50. Om Saumyadhikeswaraya Namaha
  51. Om Punyatmane Namaha
  52. Om Puruhutha Shriyai Namaha
  53. Om Sarva Punya Janeshwaraya Namaha
  54. Om Nithya Keerthaya Namaha
  55. Om Neeti Vethrey Namaha
  56. Om Lankaaprakdhana Nayakaya Namaha
  57. Om Yakshaya Namaha
  58. Om Parama Santatmaney Namaha
  59. Om Yaksha Rajaya Namaha
  60. Om Yakshini Vrutthaya Namaha
  61. Om Kinnareshaya Namaha
  62. Om Kimpurusha Nathaya Namaha
  63. Om Kadghaayudhaya Namaha
  64. Om Vasiney Namaha
  65. Om Eeshana Daksha Paarswasthaya Namaha
  66. Om Vayu Vama Samasrayaya Namaha
  67. Om Dharma Marga Nirathaya Namaha
  68. Om Dharma Sammukha Samsthithaya Namaha
  69. Om Nithyeshwaraya Namaha
  70. Om Dhanadhyakshaya Namaha
  71. Om Ashta Lakshmi Aasrithalayaya Namaha
  72. Om Manushya Dharminey Namaha
  73. Om Sakrutaya Namaha
  74. Om Kosalakshmi Samasrithaya Namaha
  75. Om Dhanalakshmi Nithya Vasaya Namaha
  76. Om Dhanya Lakshmi Nivasabhuvey Namaha
  77. Om Aswalakshmi Sadavasaya Namaha
  78. Om Gaja Lakshmi Sthiralayaya Namaha
  79. Om Rajya Lakshmi Janmagehaya Namaha
  80. Om Dhairya Lakshmi Krupasrayaya Namaha
  81. Om Akhandaishwarya Samyukthaya Namaha
  82. Om Nithyanandaya Namaha
  83. Om Sukha-asrayaya Namaha
  84. Om Nithya truptaya Namaha
  85. Om Nidhi Dhatrey Namaha
  86. Om Nirasrayaya Namaha
  87. Om Nirupadravaya Namaha
  88. Om Nithya Kamaya Namaha
  89. Om Nirakankshaya Namaha
  90. Om Nirupadhika Vaasabhuvey Namaha
  91. Om Santhaya Namaha
  92. Om Sarva guno pethaya Namaha
  93. Om Sarvagnaya Namaha
  94. Om Sarva Sammataya Namaha
  95. Om Sharvani Karunaapatraya Namaha
  96. Om Sadananda Krupalayaya Namaha
  97. Om Gandharva kula Samsevyaya Namaha
  98. Om Saugandhi Kusuma priyaya Namaha
  99. Om Swarnanagari Vasaya Namaha
  100. Om Nidhipeetha Samasrayaya Namaha
  101. Om Maha Meeruttara Sthayiney Namaha
  102. Om Maharshi Gana Samsthuthaya Namaha
  103. Om Tusthaya Namaha
  104. Om Surpanakha Jyesthaya Namaha
  105. Om Shiva puja Rataya Namaha
  106. Om Anaghaya Namaha
  107. Om Rajayoga Samaayukthaya Namaha
  108. Om Rajashekara Pujakaya Namaha

Om Rajarajaya Kuberaya Namaha

Ithi Sri Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali Sampoornam

one can also recite the Kubera Stotram and Kubera Mantra to seek the blessing of the Lord of Wealth.


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