Ashtothram -108 Names of Hindu Gods Goddess Mahishasura Mardini

Mahishasura Mardini Ashtottara Shatanamavali- 108 Names (Ashtothram)

Goddess Mahishasura Mardini is well known for her protection and motherly nature by her devotees. One of the ways of worshipping this Devi is by Mahishasura Mardini Ashtottara Shatanamavali or the 108 names of Mahishasura Mardini.

Stotras like Mahishasura Mardini Stotram that start with lyrics Aigiri Nandini mainly praise the valour and warrior skills of this Goddess. But these divine names of Mahishasura Mardini Ashtothram focus on various forms of the Goddess, her appearance, divine qualities, bestowing nature, and attributes.

Reciting this Ashtottara shatanamavali on Fridays and special days like Navaratri’s is considered highly sacred.

Goddess mahishasura mardini ashtottara shatanamavali 108 names

Mahishasura Mardini Ashtottara Shatanamavali- 108 Names of Mahishasura Mardini

  1. Om Mahatyai Namaha
  2. Om Chetanayai Namaha
  3. Om Mayayai Namaha
  4. Om Maha Gowryai Namaha
  5. Om Maheshwaryai Namaha
  6. Om Mahodaraya Namaha
  7. Om Maha Buddhyai Namaha
  8. Om Maha Kalyai Namaha
  9. Om Maha Balayai Namaha
  10. Om Maha Sudhayai Namaha
  11. Om Maha Nidrayai Namaha
  12. Om Maha Mudrayai Namaha
  13. Om Maha Dayayai Namaha
  14. Om Maha Lakshmyai Namaha
  15. Om Maha Bhogayai Namaha
  16. Om Maha Mohayai Namaha
  17. Om Maha Jayayai Namaha
  18. Om Maha Tushthyai Namaha
  19. Om Maha Lazzayai Namaha
  20. Om Maha Drutyai Namaha
  21. Om Maha Ghorayai Namaha
  22. Om Maha Damstrayai Namaha
  23. Om Maha Kanthyai Namaha
  24. Om Maha Smruthyai Namaha
  25. Om Maha Padmayai Namaha
  26. Om Maha Medhayai Namaha
  27. Om Maha Bhodayai Namaha
  28. Om Maha Tapase Namaha
  29. Om Maha Samsthanayai Namaha
  30. Om Maha Ravaayai Namaha
  31. Om Maha Roshayai Namaha
  32. Om Maha Yuddhayai Namaha
  33. Om Maha Bhandhana Samharthyai Namaha
  34. Om Maha Bhaya Vinasinyai Namaha
  35. Om Maha Netrayai Namaha
  36. Om Maha Vaktrayai Namaha
  37. Om Maha Vakshasey Namaha
  38. Om Maha Bhujayai Namaha
  39. Om Maha Mahee Ruhaya Namaha
  40. Om Poornayai Namaha
  41. Om Maha Chayayai Namaha
  42. Om Maha Naghayai Namaha
  43. Om Maha Shanthyai Namaha
  44. Om Maha Shwasayai Namaha
  45. Om Maha Parvata Nandinyai Namaha
  46. Om Maha Brahmamayyai Namaha
  47. Om Matre Namaha
  48. Om Maha Saaraya Namaha
  49. Om Maha Suragnyai Namaha
  50. Om Mahatyai Namaha
  51. Om Parvathyai Namaha
  52. Om Charchitayai Namaha
  53. Om Shivaayai Namaha
  54. Om Maha Kshamthyai Namaha
  55. Om Maha Bhramtyai Namaha
  56. Om Maha Mantrayai Namaha
  57. Om Maha MaaKruthyai Namaha
  58. Om Maha Kulayai Namaha
  59. Om Maha Lolayai Namaha
  60. Om Maha Mayayai Namaha
  61. Om Maha Phalayai Namaha
  62. Om Maha Neelayai Namaha
  63. Om Maha Seelayai Namaha
  64. Om Maha Balayai Namaha
  65. Om Maha Kalayai Namaha
  66. Om Maha Chitrayai Namaha
  67. Om Maha Sethave Namaha
  68. Om Maha Hethave Namaha
  69. Om Yashaswinya Namaha
  70. Om Maha Vidhyayai Namaha
  71. Om Maha Saadhyayai Namaha
  72. Om Maha Satyayai Namaha
  73. Om Maha Gathyai Namaha
  74. Om Maha Sukhinyai Namaha
  75. Om Maha Duhswapna Nashinyai Namaha
  76. Om Maha Moksha Pradayai Namaha
  77. Om Maha Pakshayai Namaha
  78. Om Maha Yashaswinyai Namaha
  79. Om Maha Bhadrayai Namaha
  80. Om Maha Vaanyai Namaha
  81. Om MahaRoga Vinashinyai Namaha
  82. Om Maha Dhaaraayai Namaha
  83. Om Mahaakaarayai Namaha
  84. Om Maha Maaryai Namaha
  85. Om Kecharyai Namaha
  86. Om Maha Kshemamkaryai Namaha
  87. Om Maha Kshamayai Namaha
  88. Om Mahaishwarya Pradayinyai Namaha
  89. Om Maha Vishnghnyai Namaha
  90. Om Visadayai Namaha
  91. Om Maha Dukha Vinashinyai Namaha
  92. Om Maha Varshayai Namaha
  93. Om Maha Tathwayai Namaha
  94. Om Maha Kailasa Vasinyai Namaha
  95. Om Maha Subhadraayai Namaha
  96. Om Subhagayai Namaha
  97. Om Maha Vidhyayai Namaha
  98. Om Maha Sathyai Namaha
  99. Om Maha Pratyangirayai Namaha
  100. Om Maha Nithyayai Namaha
  101. Om Maha Pralayakarinyai Namaha
  102. Om Maha Shakthyai Namaha
  103. Om Maha Mathyai Namaha
  104. Om Maha Mangalakarinyai Namaha
  105. Om Maha Devyai Namaha
  106. Om Maha Lakshmyai Namaha
  107. Om Maha Matrey Namaha
  108. Om Maha Putraya Namaha

Om Sri Mahishasura Mardhinyai Namo Namaha

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