Shri Margabandhu Stotram: Lyrics and Meaning

Margabandhu Stotram is a divine hymn on God Shiva explaining the appearance and attributes of the great God.

Composed by Appayya Deekshitar, a well known person for his works on Shaiva Advaita philosophy, the Margabandhu stotram lyrics are greatly framed in a way for easy reciting.

When it comes to Shri Maragabandhu stotram meaning, it gives a great view on the divine attributes, greatness, and appearance of Lord Shiva.

This stotram is actually composed by Sri Appayya Deekshitar on God Margabandheswarar, the principal deity of Margabandeswarar temple present in Virinchipuram, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

That is the reason why God Shiva is referred as Margabandhu in this stotram.

This divine hymn is composed keeping in mind the travelers, that not just confined to travelers who make the journey to pilgrimages but even reflects the journeys in one’s life.

The last stanza explains Shri Margabandhu stotram benefits or the phalastuti that one who resides with true devotion will be blessed by the protection of God shiva, and all their wishes will be fulfilled.

God Shiva - Margabandhu stotram

Margabandhu Stotram Lyrics with Meaning

Shambho Mahadeva Deva
Shiva Shambho Mahadeva devesha Shambho
Shambho Mahadeva deva

Salutations to the Great God Shiva, who bestows the prosperity
By whose grace all the good happens
I bow to you, O God of the Gods

Phalavalamrat kireetam
Phalanetrarchi sha dagdha pancheshu-keetam
Shulaa hataarati kutam
Shuddha mardhendhu chudam bhaje Margabandhum (1)

O the one who wears a crown on his head
He who, with the fire from his third eye, burnt the insect like one holding the five arrows (Lord Manmada)
who annihilated his enemies with his Trident
The pure one, who has a crescent moon on his head, I bow to you, Lord Margabandhu (God Shiva)

Ange virajad bhujamgam
Abra ganga tarangadi raamotta mangam
Omkara vatee kurangam
Siddha samsevitamghrim bhaje Margabandhum (2)

O the one whose limbs are adorned with serpents as ornaments
Whose head looks charming with the waves of the celestial Ganga (present on his forehead)
Who is like a deer in the garden of Omkara (Pranava)
Whose holy feet are worshipped by the Siddha’s, I bow to you, Lord Margabandhu

Nithyam chidananda rupam
Nihnu tashesha Lokesha vairi pratapam
Kartaswa ragendra chapam
Kruttivasam bhaje divya sanmarga bandhum (3)

The one who is eternal and the embodied form of pure consciousness
Who removed the pride of Ravana, the enemy of Indra(Lokesha – King of lokas)
Who used the Mountain Meru as a bow (during the battle with Tripurasuras)
The one who wears the skins and bark of trees, I bow to you, the companion to the ones who choose the path of righteousness

Kandarpa darpagna meesam
Kalakantham mahesham mahavyoma-kesam
Kundaabhadantam suresham
Koti surya prakasam bhaje Margabhandhu (4)

O the great Lord, who destroyed the pride of Kandarpa (Lord Manmada)
The blue throated one, who is the Great Lord (Maheshwara), who has the great sky itself as his hair
Whose teeth have the sheen of the jasmine flower, O the God of Devas (Suresha)
The one who shines like millions of suns, I bow to you, Lord Margabandhu

Mandaara bhuteru daram
Mandaragendra saram maha gaurya duram
Sindhura dura pracharam
Sindhu rajadhi dheeram bhaje Margabandhum (5)

The one who is more generous than the wish fulfilling trees in bestowing the wishes
Who is stronger than the noble Mandara Mountain, the one close to the Goddess Maha Gauri
The one in the red colour, that is far intense than the red lead
The one with high resolute than the Lord of Oceans, I bow to you, Lord Margabandhu

Appayya Yajwendra geetam
Stotra rajam pathedyasthu Bhakthya prayane
Tasyardha siddhim viddatthe
Margha madhye bhayam chasu tosho Maheshaha (6)

This divine hymn by Appayya, the performer of great yagnas, This hymn
Is the King among the Stotras, for those who recite during their travel
their wishes will be granted immediately
In the middle of their journeys or during times of fear, they will be protected by the Great God Maheshwara (Shiva) himself.

Shambho Mahadeva deva
Shiva Shambho Mahadeva devesha Shambho
Shambho Mahadeva deva

Ithi Shri Appayya Deekshitha praneetham Shri Margabandhu Stotram Sampoornam

Thus ends the Margabandhu Stotram written by Shri Appayya Deekshithar.

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