Rajarajeshwari Ashtothram- Rajarajeshwari Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Sri Rajarajeshwari Ashtothram, also known as Rajarajeshwari Ashtottara Shatanamavali are the divine names that explains the attributes, greatness, bestowing and protecting nature of the Devi RajaRajeshwari. The goddess of wisdom, victory, and Protection.

She is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and has very similarity with Lalitha Tripura sundari in her appearance.

As she is known for her motherly nature, often devotees pray her by chanting her stotrams like Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam and also by her Rajarajeshwari Ashtothram to get Victory in the new work they start and for her protection.

Rajarajeshwari Ashtothram- Rajarajeshwari Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Sri Rajarajeshwari Ashtothram- Rajarajeshwari Ashtottara Shatanamavali in English

  1. Om Bhuvaneswaryai Namaha
  2. Om Rajeshwaryai Namaha
  3. Om Rajarajeshwaryai Namaha
  4. Om Kameshwaryai Namaha
  5. Om Balatripurasundaryai Namaha
  6. Om Sarveshwaryai Namaha
  7. Om Kalayanyai Namaha
  8. Om Sarva Samkshobhinyai Namaha
  9. Om Sarvaloka Sareerinyai Namaha
  10. Om Saugandhika Parimalayai Namaha
  11. Om Mantrine Namaha
  12. Om Mantra Swarupinyai Namaha
  13. Om Prakruthyai Namaha
  14. Om Vikruthyai Namaha
  15. Om Aadityai Namaha
  16. Om Saubhagyavathyai Namaha
  17. Om Padmavathyai Namaha
  18. Om Bhagavathyai Namaha
  19. Om Srimatryai Namaha
  20. Om Sathyavathyai Namaha
  21. Om Priyakruthyai Namaha
  22. Om Mayayai Namaha
  23. Om Sarva Mangalayai Namaha
  24. Om Sarvaloka Mohaadeeshanyai Namaha
  25. Om Kimkareebhutha Geervaanyai Namaha
  26. Om Parabrahma Swarupinyai Namaha
  27. Om Purana-Agama Swarupinyai Namaha
  28. Om Pancha Pranava Varupinyai Namaha
  29. Om Sarva Graha Rupinyai Namaha
  30. Om Rakthagandha Kasturi Vilepyai Namaha
  31. Om Naayikayai Namaha
  32. Om Sharanyayai Namaha
  33. Om Nikhila Vidyeshwaryai Namaha
  34. Om Janeswaryai Namaha
  35. Om Bhutheshwaryai Namaha
  36. Om Sarva Sakshinyai Namaha
  37. Om Kshema Kaarinyai Namaha
  38. Om Punyayai Namaha
  39. Om Sarva Rakshanyai Namaha
  40. Om Sakala Dharminyai Namaha
  41. Om Viswakarmine Namaha
  42. Om Sura Muni Devanuthayai Namaha
  43. Om Sarvalokaraadhyayai Namaha
  44. Om Padmasana-aseenayai Namaha
  45. Om Yogeeswara Manodheyayai Namaha
  46. Om Chaturbhujayai Namaha
  47. Om Sarvartha Sadhanaadeeshayayai Namaha
  48. Om Purvayai Namaha
  49. Om Nithyayai Namaha
  50. Om Paramaanandayai Namaha
  51. Om Kalayai Namaha
  52. Om Anangayai Namaha
  53. Om Vasundarayai Namaha
  54. Om Subhadayai Namaha
  55. Om Trikalagnana Sampannayai Namaha
  56. Om Peethambara Dharayai Namaha
  57. Om Anantayai Namaha
  58. Om Bhakatha Vatsalayai Namaha
  59. Om Paada Padmayai Namaha
  60. Om Jagat-Kaarinyai Namaha
  61. Om Avyayayai Namaha
  62. Om Leelamanusha Vigrahayai Namaha
  63. Om Sarvamaayayai Namaha
  64. Om Mruthyunjayayai Namaha
  65. Om Kotisurya Samaprabhayai Namaha
  66. Om Pavithrayai Namaha
  67. Om Pranadayai Namaha
  68. Om Vimalayai Namaha
  69. Om Mahabhushayai Namaha
  70. Om Sarvabhutha Hitha Pradayai Namaha
  71. Om Padmalayayai Namaha
  72. Om Sudhayai Namaha
  73. Om Swangaayai Namaha
  74. Om Padmaraga Kireetine Namaha
  75. Om Sarvapapa Vinasinyai Namaha
  76. Om Sakala Sampat Pradayinyai Namaha
  77. Om Padma Gandinyai Namaha
  78. Om Sarva Vighna Kesa Dwamsinyai Namaha
  79. Om Hemamaalinyai Namaha
  80. Om Viswamurthyai Namaha
  81. Om Agni kalpayai Namaha
  82. Om Pundareekakshinyai Namaha
  83. Om Mahashakthyai Namaha
  84. Om Buddhyai Namaha
  85. Om Bhutheswaryai Namaha
  86. Om Adrushyayai Namaha
  87. Om Subheshanayai Namaha
  88. Om Sarva Dharminyai Namaha
  89. Om Pranayai Namaha
  90. Om Sreshtayai Namaha
  91. Om Santhayai Namaha
  92. Om Tatvayai Namaha
  93. Om Sarva Jananyai Namaha
  94. Om Sarvaloka Vasinyai Namaha
  95. Om Kaivalya Rekhinyai Namaha
  96. Om Bhaktha Poshana Vinodinyai Namaha
  97. Om Daridya Nasinyai Namaha
  98. Om Sarvopadrava Nivarinyai Namaha
  99. Om Samhrudananda Laharyai Namaha
  100. Om Chaturdha Santha Konasthayai Namaha
  101. Om Sarvathmaayai Namaha
  102. Om Sathya Vakthre Namaha
  103. Om Nyayayai Namaha
  104. Om Dhanadhanya Nidhyai Namaha
  105. Om Kayakruthyai Namaha
  106. Om Anantha Jithyai Namaha
  107. Om Ananatha Guna Rupe Namaha
  108. Om Sthire Rajeshwaryai Namaha

Ithi Sri Rajarajeshwari Ashtottara Shatanamavali Sampoornam


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