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Shiva Manasa Pooja: Lyrics and Meaning of this Devotional Stotram

Shiva Manasa Pooja is a great stotram by which devotees can worship God Shiva within themselves. That’s why this devotional hymn got the name Manasa pooja, which means worship by manas or mind and thoughts.

There are a total of five stanzas in this stotram and Shiva Manasa Pooja lyrics contain the words that explain the worship of god shiva doing all the Upacharas and giving all the offerings to the Lord. At the same time, the stotram lyrics also ask for forgiveness for the mistakes that had been committed.

Reciting this devotional hymn by understanding its meaning has immense benefits and is a great way to worship Lord Shiva and to feel his divine bliss.

Shiva Manasa Pooja - Shiva Manasa Puja

Shiva Manasa Pooja Lyrics with Meaning in English

Ratnai kalpitha maanasam himajalaih snanam cha divyambaram
Nana ratna vibhushitam mrugamadaa modankitham chandanam
Jatee champaka bilva patra rachitam pushpam cha Dhupam tadha
Deepam deva Dayanidhe Pashupathe hruth-kalpitham gruhyataam (1)

O Lord Pashupati (Lord of all creatures), I have made you a throne that’s studded with precious gemstones, kept the cool water to bathe in and also fine clothing
Jewellery studded with various gems, scents from the animals (Kasturi), and Sandalwood pastes to anoint your body
I offer the flowers like Jasmines, Champaka (Magnolia), and Bilva leaves, fine incense (dhoop) and
Lightened the Deepam, O Lord, the ocean of mercy and Lord of all creatures, Please accept these offerings that I have imagined in my heart.

Sauvarne navaratna khanda rachithe patre ghrutham payasam
Bhakshyam panchavidham payodadhi-yutam Rambha-phalam panakam
Sakhanama yutam jalam ruchikaram karpura kandhojwalam
Tambulam manasaa mayaa virachitham bhakthya prabho sweekuru (2)

In the golden bowl that is decorated with Navaratnas (the nine precious gems), I offer you the clarified butter (Ghee) and porridge made with Milk, Rice, and Jaggery (Payasam)
And five foods to eat that are made up of Milk, Curd, and Banana along with the Panakam drink
Infused with different vegetables, I offer the water with good taste, lighten a piece of camphor
Along with them is the tambulam, I created all these in my mind with devotion, Lord Shiva please accept these.

Chatram chamara yorgugam vyajanakam cha aadrashakam nirmalam
Veena Bheri Mrudanga kaahalakala geetam cha nruthyam tadha
Sasthangam pranati stutir bahuvidhaha hyetath samastam maya
Sankalpena samarpitham tava vibho pujam gruhana prabho (3)

For all the Upacharas, I offer the Umbrella (Chatram), a couple of hand fans that are used as ceremonial fly whisks made from yaks (Chamaram), and a clean mirror
Accompanied With the sounds of the musical instruments Veena, Bheri, Mrudanga, and other drums are the songs of praise and the dances
I prostrate before you in the sasthanga namaskara pose and praise in numerous ways, indeed all this
I created with my strong desire in my mind, I offer these to you the Supreme Ruler of all, Please accept my worship O Lord Shiva.

Atmatvam Girija matih sahacharaha prana shareeram gruham
Puja thay vishayopa bhoga rachana nidraa samadhi sthithihi
Sancharah padayoh pradakshina vidhihi stotrani sarvaa giro
Yadyat karma karomi tatadakhilam shambho tavaradhanam (4)

You are my Atma, my thoughts are Girija (daughter of Himavanta, Goddess Parvati), the vital energies that make me are your companions, the body is your home
Worshiping you with the enjoyment of the objects of the senses, sleep is the state of samadhi
All my walk with my feet is the act of circumambulation- Pradakshina, all the words that I talk are your stotras
All the work I do is all the worship (Aradhana) of yours, O Lord Shambhu

Karacharana krutam vaa kayajam karmajam va
Shravana nayanajam vaa maanasam vaparadham
Vihitama vihitam vaa sarva metath kshamaswa
Jaya Jaya karunabdhe Sri MahaDeva Shambho (5)

Whatever the Sins I had committed with my hands and feet or by the speech and the body
The ones that are obtained by the process of listening by ears or seeing by the eyes, or the aparadham that are committed by my thoughts
the incorrect actions that I have done knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive all these
Victory to you, Victory to you, The ocean of compassion, the Great God, Shambhu (The one who gives the Auspiciousness, God Shiva)

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