Stotras on Goddess Lakshmi Suktam

Sri Suktam Lyrics in English with Meaning and Benefits

Sri Suktam is an ancient Vedic hymn from Rigveda praising Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The Sri Suktam lyrics mainly explain the glory of Goddess Lakshmi and her bestowing nature.

Whereas the Sri Suktam meaning gives you a complete idea about Goddess Sri, her appearance, glory, divine attributes, nourishing and bestowing nature on her devotees, attachment with Lord Vishnu, and even on sons of Lakshmi Devi.

This Suktam is meant for the worship of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. Several divine mantras were internally present in the verses, adding absolute bliss when chanted.

In the name Sri Suktam, Sri indicates Goddess Lakshmi, whereas the Suktam indicates the verses of prayer.

Chanting Sri Suktam lyrics has a lot of benefits. It helps in awakening the divine in oneself and unlocks the doors of Spirituality. Chanting this hymn on Fridays, special days dedicated to Devi Lakshmi like Dhanteras, Navaratri, Diwali, and full moon days will get you immense wealth and Victory.

Sri Suktam lyrics and meaning describing the glory of Goddess SrI Maha Lakshmi.

Sri Suktam Lyrics with Meaning in English

Om Hiranya varnaam Harineem Suvarna-Rajatasrajaam
Chandram Hiranmayeem Lakshmim Jaatavedo ma aavaha (1)

O Lord Agni, I invoke the Goddess Lakshmi, who is looking resplendent with the radiance of Gold, who can remove our sins, adorned with the jewellery made with Gold and Silver.
Who looks like the shining moon, an embodiment of Gold, I invoke that Goddess Lakshmi for myself.

Taam ma aavaha Jaatavedo Lakshmim anapagaamineem
Yasyaam hiranyam vindeyam gaam-ashwam purushan-aham(2)

O Lord Agni, in the name of Jaataveda, please invoke for me the Goddess Mahalakshmi who doesn’t go away
from here and who bestows Gold, Cows, Horses, and Neighbours.

Ashwa purvaam Radha-madhyaam Hastinaada prabhodhineem
Shriyam Devim-upahvaye Shrirmaa Devirjushataam (3)

Present in the back of group of Horses in the center of a Chariot, indicated by trumpeting sounds of Elephants
I invite that Goddess who is Sri, the auspicious one, that the Goddess of auspiciousness and prosperity reach nearer to me and be pleased

Kaam sosmithaam Hiranya praakaraam aardhraam jwalanthim truptaam tarpayanteem
Padme sthitham padma varnaam taam ihopahvaye Shriyam (4)

The one who is with a gentle smile, residing in a golden fortress, the merciful one, filled with radiance, with all the eternal satisfaction, and the one who gives happiness to all
Residing in a Lotus, radiating in the colour of lotuses, I invoke that Goddess Sri, an embodiment of auspiciousness

Chandraam prabhaasaam yashasaa jwalanthim shriyam loke devajushtam udaaraam
Taam padmineem Eem sharanam-aham prapadhye Alakshmir mey nashyataam twaam vrune (5)

For people, you look delightful like the moon, filled with radiance, as one who is revered due to her glory, worshipped by the Devas, the merciful one
Who is adorned with the Lotus, O the meaning of Bija mantra Eem, I seek your refuge, by your grace let the Alakshmi(that is not Lakshmi, misfortune, and poverty) be destroyed

Aditya varne tapaso adhijato vanaspatis tava vruksho atha bilvaha
Tasya phalani tapasaa nudantu maaya-antaraayaascha baahya Alakshmihi (6)

Goddess Lakshmi, the one in the colour of the sun god, by whose tapas the great Bilva tree was born, which is like the head of forests
That Bilva tree fruits born from your tapas remove the delusion, obstacles, and Alakshmi (inauspiciousness) present outside.

Upaithu maam devasakhaha keerthischa maninaa saha
Praturbhutho asmi rasthre asmin Keerthim-riddhim dadaatu mey (7)

The friends of the God (Kubera), Gods of fame, along with their tremendous wealth and gems, accompany me
I am born in this country, which bestows me with the fame and prosperity

Kshutpipasa malaam Jyesthaam Alakshmim nasayaamyaham
Abhuthim-asamruddhim cha sarvaam nirnuda me gruhaat (8)

By the help of yours, O goddess Lakshmi, I will destroy the hunger, thirst, and impurities that are closely associated with your elder sister Alakshmi
I must drive away from the misfortune, calamities, and wretchedness from my house

Gandha dwaraam duraadharshaam Nithya pushtaam kareeshineem
Eeshwariigum sarva bhuthanaam taam-ihopahvaye shriyam (9)

The source of fragrances, who is inviolable, who always nourishes like mother, having all the things in abundance
Who is like the Mother Goddess( Eshwari) to all the beings, I invoke her here the Goddess Sri for her grace.

Manasah kaamam-aakuuthim vaacah Satyam-asheemahi
Pashunaam rupam annasya mayi Srihi shrayataam yashah (10)

Goddess Lakshmi, I must see the fulfilled desires that arise in my heart, the happiness and speech of truth from my mouth
The happiness from the cattle or in the form of food be granted to me by you, O goddess Sri

Kardhamena praja bhutha mayi sambhava kardhama
Shriyam vaasaya me kule maataram padma-malineem (11)

Just like the soil became the substratum for all the people and beings, O Kardama, the son of Devi Lakshmi, please invoke, may she manifest and appear to me.
Please let her dwell in my family lineage as the Goddess of riches, and as a divine mother, I bow to that Devi adorned with garlands of lotuses.

Apah srujantu snigdhani chikleeta vasa me gruhe
Ni cha Devim mataram Shriyam vaasaya me Kule (12)

O the Son of Goddess Sri, Chikleeta, reside in my home and let the life giving waters and good foods be in abundance
And let the mother goddess Sri Devi reside in my family lineage

Aardhaam pushkarineem pushtim pingalaam padma-malineem
Chandraam hiranmayeem Lakshmim jatavedo ma aavaha (13)

Jataveda Agni deva, I invoke her whose heart is filled with compassion, residing in the lotuses and nourishing the world, who is in the complexion of vermilion and adorned with garlands of lotuses
Who looks like the shining moon, an embodiment of Gold, I invoke that Goddess Lakshmi for myself.

Aardhaam yah karineem yushthim suvarnaam hemamalineem
Suryaam hiranmayeem Lakshmim jatavedo ma aavaha (14)

The one whose heart is filled with compassion, present in a courageous posture holding a mace. Looking with the radiance of Gold and bedecked by the jewellery made of Gold.
Who looks brilliant like that of a radiant sun, an embodiment of Gold, I invoke that Goddess Lakshmi for myself.

Taam ma aavaha jatavedo lakshmim anapagamineem
Yasyaam hiranyam prabhutam gaavo daasyo aswaan vindeyam purushaan aham (15)

O Lord Agni, in the name of Jaataveda, please invoke for me the Goddess Mahalakshmi who doesn’t go away
from here and who bestows Gold, Cows, Horses, righteous male servants, female ones, and Neighbours.

Yah suchihi prayato bhutvaa juhuyaadaajya manvaham
Shriyah panchadasarcham cha srikamaha satatam japeth (16)

Whoever wishes to pray, after their body cleaning and having their senses in control, they needs to perform the sacrificial altar or Homam using clarified butter
And more, they need to recite and do the Japa using the fifteen verses of the Sri Suktam for the bestower of the wishes Goddess Sri to shower her grace.

Aanandah kardhamaschaiva Chikleeta ithi Vishrutaah
Rushayasthey trayah prokthaaswayaam Srireva devata (17)

Ananda, Kardama, and Chikleeta, who are well known in the divine world and
These three are the Rishis of this Suktam, having Sri (Goddess Mahalakshmi) as their Goddess

Padmasane Padma uruu Padmakshi Padmasambhave
Twaam maam bhajaswa Padmakshi yena Saukhyam labhamyaham (18)

O the one seated in the Lotus, whose thighs are like Lotuses (indicating that she supports the world, just like a Lotus flower supported by its, having Lotus like eyes and as the one born from Lotus.
You bestow me, my mother, with the sight of Lotus like eyes, the things from which I get all the happiness.

Aswadaayi Godaayi Dhanadaayi Mahadhane
Dhanam mey jushataam Devi sarva kaamaamscha dehi mey (19)

The giver of Horses and Cows, bestower of riches, O the Goddess of wealth
Devi, please bestow me the money that gives me comforts, give me all the things I wished

Putra pautra dhanam dhanyam hastaswadhi-gave radham
Prajanaam bhavasi maata ayushmantam karotu maam (20)

Bestow me the Children and Grandchildren, Wealth, Grains, Elephants, Horses, Cows, and Chariots (Vehicles)
You became the mother of all the people; thus we are your children, so please make my life a healthier and longer one

Dhanam agnir dhanam vaayur dhanam Suryo dhanam vasuhu
Dhanam indro brihaspatir varunam dhanam asnutey (21)

Goddess, it is due to you, Agni (Lord of Fire), Vaayu (Lord of Wind), Surya (Sun god), Vasus (eight elemental gods)
Indra (king of the gods), Brihaspati (Deva guru), and Varuna (God of Rains and water) were enjoying the wealth

Chandrabham lakshmim eeshanaam suryabham Shriyam eeshwaram
Chandrasuryagni varnaabham Sri Mahalakshmim upasmahe (22)

The one glowing like that of the moon, O goddess Lakshmi, who is with the qualities like that of Eeshana, glimmering like sun, Goddess Shi who causes auspiciousness, Devi Eeeshwari
Who has the Moon, Sun, and Fire as her divine attributes, I pray to that Devi Sri Mahalakshmi

Vainateya somam piba Somam pibatu vrutraha
Somam dhanasya somino mahyam dadhatu Sominaha (23)

Let the son of Vinata (Garuda or Vainateya) drink Soma, and let the destroyer of Vritrasura (Lord Indra) drink Somaras
May that Soma be bestowed to me; I wish to drink that Somarasa, Please grant me the wealth.

Na krosho na cha maatsaryam na lobho na ashubha matih
Bhavanti kurta punyanaam bhakthanaam Sri Suktam japeth sada (24)

Neither Anger nor Jealousy, not even the greed or the wicked thoughts
Nothing exists in the devotees who do Punya and by always reciting the Sri Suktam

Varshenthu tey vibhaavari divo abhrasya vidhyutah
Rohamtu sarva beejanyava Brahma dwisho jahi (25)

By your mercy, let the lightening clouds rain during the night and day
Such that all the types of seeds get germinated, the source of all, destroy the hatred

Padmapriye Padmini padmahaste padmalaye padmadalayatakshi
Vishwapriye Vishnu mano anukule twaat pada padmam mayi sannidhatswa (26)

The one fond of Lotuses, looking like Lotus, adorned with lotus flowers in her hands, residing in the Lotus and having the eyes that look like lotus petals
Liked and revered by all in the world, who act based on the inner wish of Lord Vishnu, place your Lotus like feet on me and bless me

Yaa saa padmasanastha vipula katitati padma patrayataakshi
Ganbheeraavarta naabhihi sthanabhara namitaa subhra vastrottareeya
Lakshmir divyair gajendrai manigana kachitaisnapitaa hemakumbhaihi
Nithyam saa padmahasta mama vasatu gruhe sarva mangalya yukta (27)

One who is seated on the Lotus, having a greater back side (indicating her stableness), and lotus petal like eyes
With a deeper navel, having a large bosom (indicating her nourishing nature), wearing clean and pure clothing
By having the divine elephants holding the golden water pots studded with gems and doing the ceremonial abhishekam
Such Goddess Mahalakshmi, holding lotuses in her hands, the embodiment of auspiciousness, reside in my house all the time.

Lakshmim ksheerasamudra raja tanayaam SriRanga dhameshwareem
Daasibhutha samastha deva vanitaam lokaika deepamkuraam
Srimanmanda kataksha labdha vibhava brahmendra gangaadharaam
Twaam trailokya kutumbineem sarasijaam vande mukundapriyaam (28)

O Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the king of oceans Ksheera Samudra (milky ocean), the presiding deity of Sri Rangam
Who made all the ladies present in deva loka as her servants and attendants, who is like the lightening lamp for worlds
By whose grace coming from her soft glance makes gods like Brahma, Indra, and Gangadhara much greater
One having all the three lokas as her family, born out of the lotus pond, O the dear of Mukunda (Lord Vishnu), I bow to you

Siddha Lakshmi Moksha Lakshmi Jaya Lakshmi Saraswati
Sri Lakshmi, Vara Lakshmischa prasanna mama sarvada (29)

As the Lakshmi who bestows all the siddhis (super natural powers), as the giver of Salvation, as the one who gives Victory and even as Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge and speech)
As the Lakshmi who brings auspiciousness and as fulfiller of wishes, be pleased on me forever

Varaamkusau paasam abheethi mudraam karthaih vahanteem kamalasanasthanaam
Baalarka koti prathibhaam Trinetraam bhajeham Aadhyam Jagadeeshwareem (30)

Holding a mace and goad in her hands and two other hands showing the Varada and Abhaya mudras and seated on a lotus
Having the radiance like cores of rising suns, present with Three eyes, the primordial one, Goddess Jagadeeshwari, I pray you

Sarvamangala Maangalye Shivey Sarvaardha sadhikey
Sharanye Triyambikey Devi Narayani namosthuthey
Narayani namosthuthey Narayani namosthuthey (31)

O all auspicious one who always brings auspiciousness, the one who is the cause of good fortune, by whom all the works get fulfilled
I seek your refuge, O the one with three eyes, O Narayani, I bow to you

(This hymn also indicates Goddess Sri as Goddess Shakthi or Parvati, where the Narayani indicates the sister of Narayana and the Shivey indicates the one belonging to Shiva, Triyambikey as the consort of Triyambaka or three eyed one. So both the Shaiva, Vaishnava, and Shaktas use this hymn )

Sarasija nilaye saroja hasthey dhavalatara amkusa gandhamalya sobhe
Bhagavata hari vallabhey manogney tribhuvana bhuthikari praseeda mahyam (32)

Residing in the lotuses, holding Lotus in her hands, dressed in white cloths, looking resplendent with the garlands of flowers and leaves filled with the fragrance
Bhagavathi, the consort of Hari, captivating one, the source of wellbeing in the three lokas, please be gracious to me

Om Vishnu pathnim Kshama devim Madhaviim Madhava priyaam
Vishno priyasakhi deviim namami Achyuta vallabham (33)

The consort of Vishnu, the Goddess of forgiveness as Bhudevi, O the consort and dear to Lord Madhava
O the Devi, the dear consort of Vishnu, I bow to you, the companion of Achyuta

Om Mahalakshmi cha vidmahey Vishnu Patni cha deemahi
Tanno Lakshmih prachodayaat (34)

Let’s know the Goddess Mahalakshmi by meditating on the consort of Vishnu. May the Goddess Lakshmi awaken us to consciousness.
Sri varchasyam aayushyam aarogyam-avidhaat pavamaanam maheeyathe

Dhanam dhanyam pashum bahuputra- labham shata samvatsaram deerghamayuhu
Runa rogaadi daaridya paapa kshud apamrutyavah
Bhaya sokha manstapa nasyantu mama sarvadaa (35)

Goddess Sri, let your flow of the wind coming from you bring me charisma, Long life, and health
Also bestow me the wealth, grains, cattle, many offsprings,  the long life that lasts hundred years
Remove all the debts, illness, poverty, sins, hunger, accidental death
Fear, sorrow, and keen distress of mine must be destroyed by you always.

Shriye jaata shriye aaniryaya shriyam vayo jarithrubhyo dadhathu
Sriyam vasaana amrutatva maayan bhajanthi sadhyah Savitha vidadhyun (36)

Who approaches Goddess Sri, the wealth lives with them, they will be blessed with wealth and long life
They dwell in wealth and reach the state of immortality, they will be blessed with fame and Victory

Sriya evainam tachhriyaama dadhathi
Santatamruccha vashatkruthyam samdhattam samdheeyathe prajayaa pashubhihi
Ya yevam vedah

Whoever takes these into the heart will reach the Goddess Sri (Lakshmi)
They need to do fire altar (Yagam) using the mantras all the time. Whoever does so will be blessed with the progeny of his lineage (children) and the cattle in abundance
Indeed this is the Veda (the divine knowledge)

Om Mahadevyai cha vidmahe Vishnu patnicha deemahi
Tanno Lakshmi prachodayaat

Let’s know the Mahadevi by meditating on her, who is the consort of Vishnu. May the Goddess Lakshmi awaken us to consciousness.
Om Shaanthih shaanthih shaanthihi

Benefits of Chanting Sri Suktam

Although there are several divine chants and hymns to praise Goddess Lakshmi like the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam and Ashtalakshmi Stotram, Sri Suktam has a greater significance as it is very ancient and belongs to the supplements of Rig Veda, one of the sacred texts of Hinduism.

It is one of the rare hymns directly associated with the Goddess Sri or Aadhya Lakshmi, the primordial form of the Goddess of wealth.

Sri Suktam benefits are innumerable; by chanting it understanding its meaning gives you wealth, prosperity, food, cattle, children, Gold, health, long life, and even more. At the same time, it destroys Alakshmi, which is poverty, illness, hunger, and sins.

Moreover, meditating on the Sri Suktam lyrics helps in the spiritual awakening of oneself and leads to the path of liberation and further to the abode of Goddess Lakshmi.

It is simply a humble Suktam where one praises the glory of Maha Lakshmi, the compassionate, bestowing, and uplifting nature of Devi, further increasing our soul’s attachment with the divine.

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