Subramanya Pancharatnam: Lyrics and Meaning

Subramanya Pancharatnam is one of the great stotrams written on Lord Subramanya, who is also well known with the names Murugan and Kumara.

The Subramanya pancharatnam lyrics are beautifully composed in a simple way, yet with an indepth meaning. Every verse end with the stanza saying I seek your refuge, Lord Subramanya O the ultimate one.

Most of the lyrics of this storam explain the appearance of the Lord Subramanya, his divine attributes, and his wish fulfilling nature.

The phalastuti part of this stotram explains the benefits of reading. Where it is said that the devotee will get all his wishes fulfilled and gets good fortune by the mercy of God Subrahmanya.

Lord Subramanya as described in Subramanya pancharatnam

Subramanya Pancharatnam Lyrics and Meaning

Shadananam Chandana lepitangam
Mahorasam divya mayura vahanam
Rudrasya sunum suraloka nadham
Brahmanya devam sharanam prapadye (1)

O the one with six faces, whose body is smeared with pastes of sandalwood
Who has a great body and peacock as his divine vehicle
The son of God Rudra, the lord to the Sura Loka or the world of Suras.
O the ultimate Lord, I seek your refuge

Jajwalya manam sura-brunda vandam
Kumara dharathata mandirasdham
Kandarpa rupam kamaneeya gatram
Brahmanya devam sharanam prapadye (2)

O the one with the glorious and radiant body, who is bowed by all the groups of suras
Who manifested in the temple on the banks of kumaradhara river (Kukki Subrahmanya temple)
With the attractive form and enchanting body
O the ultimate Lord, I seek your refuge

Dwishat-bhujam dwadasa divyanetram
Trayee tanum shulamasi dhadhanam
Seshavataram kamaneeya rupam
Brahmanya devam sharanam prapadye (3)

O the one with twelve divine hands and twelve eyes
Who is the son of three eyed one (God Shiva), the one holding a Shula in his arms
The incarnated form of Shesha, O the one with an enchanting form
O the ultimate Lord, I seek your refuge

Surari ghouraahava sobhamanam
Surottamam Shakthi dharam Kumaram
Sudhara shakthyayudha sobhi hastham
Brahmanya devam sharanam prapadye (4)

The one with resplendent looks and powers that can fear the enemies of devas
Noble among the Suras, holding the weapon Shakthi, the son of Goddess Parvati (Kumara)
Whose divine hands look great holding the divine Shakthi weapon
O the ultimate Lord, I seek your refuge

Istardha siddhi Pradameesha putram
Mishtannadam bhusura kamadhenum
Gangodhbhavam sarva janajukulam
Brahmanya devam sharanam prapadye (5)

O the one who is the son of giver of all desires and wishes, God Parameshwara
Who grants the desired food like the Kamadhenu for all the noble
The one who rose from River Ganga, the helping hand of all the people
O the ultimate Lord, I seek your refuge

Yah slokha panchakamidam pathateeha bhakthya
Brahmanya deva vinivesitha maanasaha
Samprapnothi bhogamakhilam bhuvi yadyadishtam
Anthe cha gacchathi mudaa guhasaamya meva

The one who recites these five stanzas with devotion
will come to know their inner lying supreme soul
They will be wished with all the pleasures till they live on earth
In the end, they will reach the holy feet of Lord Subramanya.

Ithi Sri Subramanya Pancharatnam Stotram Sampoornam
Thus ends the Sri Subrahmanya pancharatna stotram.


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