Vaidyanatha Ashtakam- Lyrics, Meaning, and Benefits

Vaidyanatha Ashtakam is a divine hymn that explains God Shiva’s greatness as Vaidyanatha or the Lord of Health.

The Vaidyanatha Ashtakam lyrics are framed in a simple way explaining divine qualities and God’s affection towards the needy.

This sacred chant also clearly states that one who seeks the refuge of God Vaidyanatha will get all their ailments healed and diseases cured. The meaning of Vaidyanatha Ashtakam emphasizes God Shiva’s attributes in the upliftment and protecting nature towards his devotees.

Among the several names of God Shiva, names like Vaidyanatha, Mruthyunjaya, Mahakala are linked with increasing longevity, curing diseases, and bestowing good health. Of these, the name Vaidyanatha means the Lord of health and as the King of physicians.

There are several temples dedicated to Lord Vaidyanatha like the Vaidyanatha jyothirlinga and Vaitesswaran Koil in Tamilnadu.

This Vaidyanatha Ashtakam is composed by Adi Shankaracharya and is believed that this song is originally composed on Lord Vaiteeswara of Vaiteeswaran Temple located near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu and later even attributed to Viadyanatha jyotirlinga.

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Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Lyrics in English with Meaning

Sri Rama Saumitri Jatayu Veda
Shadanana-Aditya Kuja-archithya
Sri Neelakanthaya dayamayaya
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (1)

O the Lord, who is worshipped by the Rama, Lakshmana, Jatayu, and the Vedas themselves
The one who is worshipped by Shadanana (one with six faces, Lord Subrahmanya), O the one worshipped by Sun and Kuja or Angaraka
Who is blue throated (Neelakantha), the merciful one
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Ganga pravahendu Jathadharaya
Trilochanaya smara kaala hantre
Samastha Devairapi pujithaya
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (2)

The one who controlled the flow of Akasha Ganga, adorned with a crescent moon and the one with the matted hair
O the one with three eyes, who vanquished the Lord of love (Smara or Manmada) and the Lord of death (Yama)
The one worshipped by all the devas
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Bhaktha priyaya Tripuranthakaya
Pinakini dushta haraya nithyam
Pratyaksha leelaya manushyaloke
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (3)

O the one who is dear to the devotees, the destroyer of Tripuras
Who actively destroys the wicked with his powerful bow Pinaka, all the time
The one who is known for his divine play on the earth
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Prabhutha vaataadi samastha roga
Pranasa karthre muni vandhitaya
Prabhakarendwagni vilochanaya
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (4)

O The Lord who can remove all the prevalent diseases
The one worshipped by the sages
Who has the sun, moon, and the fire as his three eyes
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Vaksrothra netranghri viheena jantho
Vaksrothra netranghri sukha pradaya
Kushthadi sarvonnatha roga hantre
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (5)

For those people who are with impaired speech, hearing, sight, and movement
The wishful granter of all those abilities
The remover of all the dreadful diseases like Leprosy
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Vedantha vedyaya jaganmayaya
Yogishwara dhyeya padambujaya
Trimurthi rupaya sahasra namne
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (6)

The one who can be realized by Vedantha, who pervades all the worlds
The ultimate one for whom the Yogi’s mediate to achieve his lotus like feet
Who is the form of Trimurthi’s, the one who is called and praised by thousand names
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Svateertha mruda bhasma bruthanga bhujam
Pisacha dhukharthi bhayapahaya
Atma swarupaya sareera bhujaam
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (7)

The one whose body is smeared with the holy ash, earth, and of the sacred tirthas
Who removes the fears, sufferings that occurred due to the Pisachas or the evil forces
Who is an embodied form of the ultimate soul that is spread all over the body
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.

Sri neelakanthaya vrushad dwajaya
Srakgandha bhasmadyabhi sobhithaya
Suputra dharadi subhagyadaya
Sri Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya (8)

O the blue throated Lord, the one having ox as a symbol on his flag
The one who looks resplendent with the garlands, pastes of trees like sandal wood and with holy ash
Bestower of the Good children, spouse, and the granter of good fortune
I bow to you, God Shiva present in the form of Sri Vaidyanatha.


Baalambikesa Vaidhyesha Bhavarogaharethi cha
Japen-nama trayam nithyam maha roga nivarinam

The names Baalambikesa, Vaidhyesha, and Bhavarogahara
For those who chant these three names daily, will get all their diseases cured.

Ithi Shri Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Sampoornam
Thus completes the Ashtakam composed for the grace of Viadyanatha.

Please note that sometimes the first verse of stanza 7 can be linked to a different meaning while explaining the greatness of Vaiteshwaran Koil of Chidambaram.

It was believed that taking a dip in Angasanatana tirtha and Siddhamrutha tirtha and then mixing the soil under the divine neem tree along with holy ash, later offering it to the Vaiteeshwara linga, and when taken it with the waters of the siddhamrutha tirtha can remove any prevalent diseases.

This was explained with the words Svateertha which means the tirthas, mruda which means soil, bhasma the holy ash  and bruthanga bhujam indicating applying to the lingam.

So that verse has such internal meaning too, although opinions vary.

Also the Jatayu name in first verse of stanza one not only just indicated that the linga is worshipped by mighty bird Jatayu but also indicates that the cremation of Jayatu occurred in this vicinity.

Vaidyanatha Ashtakam Benefits

By reciting this Vaidyanatha ashtakam lyrics understanding its meaning, one can get bestowed with good health. If this hymn is chanted by a diseased, their suffering and disease will be removed by the grace of God Shiva in the form of Vaidyanatha.

The phalastuti part also explains vaidyanatha ashtakam benefits. By chanting the three names Balaambikesa, Vaidyanatha, Bhavarogahara, the forms of God shiva, to which the divine song depicts and praises, can keep their diseases away and bestows good health to the canted person.

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