108 Names of Shani Dev – Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Shani

Lord Shani is one among the Navagrahas, the nine celestial planets as per the Hindu cosmology. He is the son of Lord Surya and represents planet Saturn. The 108 names of Shani also known as Shani Ashtottara Shatanamavali describes his various forms, greatness, and attributes.

Although the ruling time of Shani graha in one’s horoscope is considered unlucky and trouble causing, A point to be noted is Lord Shani is well known for his protecting and bestowing nature on his devotees.

To appease Lord Shani dev, several devotees pray to him in various forms like chanting mantras, stotras, and even by offerings. One such great thing you can do is praying Lord Shani by his 108 names or Ashtottara Shatanamavali. Also, several devotees offer their prayers by offering mustard oil and sesame seeds to the Sani bhagavan.

Reciting the Shani Ashtothram or 108 names of Lord Shani with deep devotion in his temples or Navagraha mandapa is considered auspicious.

Lord Shani dev as described in 108 names of Shani

108 Names of Shani Dev – Shani Ashtottara Shatanamavali

  1. Om Shanaishcharaya Namaha
  2. Om Shantaya Namaha
  3. Om Sarvabhishta pradayine Namaha
  4. Om Sharanyaya Namaha
  5. Om Varenyaya Namaha
  6. Om Sarveshaya Namaha
  7. Om Soumyaya Namaha
  8. Om Sura vandhyaya Namaha
  9. Om Sura loka viharine Namaha
  10. Om Sukhasanopa-vishtaya Namaha
  11. Om Sundaraya Namaha
  12. Om Ghanaya Namaha
  13. Om Ghana rupaya Namaha
  14. Om Ghanabharana dharine Namaha
  15. Om Ghanasara vilepaya Namaha
  16. Om Khadyotaya Namaha
  17. Om Mandaaya Namaha
  18. Om Manda cheshtaya Namaha
  19. Om Mahaneeya gunathmane Namaha
  20. Om Martya pavana padaya Namaha
  21. Om Maheshaya Namaha
  22. Om Chaya putraya Namaha
  23. Om Sharvaya Namaha
  24. Om Sharatunira dharine Namaha
  25. Om Charasthira svabhavaya Namaha
  26. Om Achanchalaya Namaha
  27. Om Nilavarnaya Namaha
  28. Om Nityaya Namaha
  29. Om Nilanjana-nibhaya Namaha
  30. Om Nilambara vibhushaya Namaha
  31. Om Nischalaya Namaha
  32. Om Vedyaya Namaha
  33. Om Vidhi rupaya Namaha
  34. Om Virodhadhara bhumaye Namaha
  35. Om Bhedaaspada svabhavaya Namaha
  36. Om Vajra dehaya Namaha
  37. Om Vairaagyadaya Namaha
  38. Om Veeraya Namaha
  39. Om Vitaroghaabhayaya Namaha
  40. Om Vipat-parampareshaya Namaha
  41. Om Vishwa vandyaya Namaha
  42. Om Gridhnavahaya Namaha
  43. Om Gudhaya Namaha
  44. Om Kurmangaya Namaha
  45. Om Kurupine Namaha
  46. Om Kutschitaya Namaha
  47. Om Gunadhyaya Namaha
  48. Om Gocharaya Namaha
  49. Om Avidyamula nashaya Namaha
  50. Om Vidyaavidya swaroopine Namaha
  51. Om Ayushya karanaya Namaha
  52. Om Aapaduddhartharey Namaha
  53. Om Vishnu bhakthaya Namaha
  54. Om Vashine Namaha
  55. Om Vividaagama vedine Namaha
  56. Om Vidhi stutyaya Namaha
  57. Om Vandhyaya Namaha
  58. Om Virupakshaya Namaha
  59. Om Varishtaya Namaha
  60. Om Garishtaya Namaha
  61. Om Vajram-kusha-dharaya Namaha
  62. Om Varadhabhaya hasthaya Namaha
  63. Om Vamanaya Namaha
  64. Om Jyeshtapathni samethaya Namaha
  65. Om Shreshtaya Namaha
  66. Om Mita-bhashine Namaha
  67. Om Kashtaugha nasakaya Namaha
  68. Om Pushtidhaya Namaha
  69. Om Sthutyaya Namaha
  70. Om Stotra gamyaya Namaha
  71. Om Bhakti vasyaya Namaha
  72. Om Bhanave Namaha
  73. Om Bhanu putraya Namaha
  74. Om Bhavyaya Namaha
  75. Om Pavanaya Namaha
  76. Om Dhanur-mandala samsthaya Namaha
  77. Om Dhanadhaya Namaha
  78. Om Dhanushmate Namaha
  79. Om Tanuprakasha dehaya Namaha
  80. Om Tamasaya Namaha
  81. Om Aseshajana vandhyaya Namaha
  82. Om Viseesha phaladayine Namaha
  83. Om Vaseekrutha janeshaya Namaha
  84. Om Pashunam pathaye Namaha
  85. Om Kheycharaya Namaha
  86. Om Khageshaya Namaha
  87. Om Ghana-neelambharaya Namaha
  88. Om Katinya-manasaya Namaha
  89. Om Arya gana stutyaya Namaha
  90. Om Nilachhatraya Namaha
  91. Om Nityaya Namaha
  92. Om Nirgunaya Namaha
  93. Om Gunathmane Namaha
  94. Om Niramayaya Namaha
  95. Om Nindhyaya Namaha
  96. Om Vandhaneeyaya Namaha
  97. Om Dheeraya Namaha
  98. Om Divyadehaya Namaha
  99. Om Deenarthi haranaya Namaha
  100. Om Dainya nashakaraya Namaha
  101. Om Aryajana ganyaya Namaha
  102. Om Kruraaya Namaha
  103. Om Krura cheshtaya Namaha
  104. Om Kamakrodha karaya Namaha
  105. Om Kalatraputra shatruthva karanaya Namaha
  106. Om Pariposhitha bhakthaya Namaha
  107. Om Parabheethi haraya Namaha
  108. Om Bhaktha sangha manobheeshta phaladaya Namaha
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