Durga Suktam: Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits in English – Jatavedase

Among the numerous hymns on Goddess Durga, few hymns like the Durga suktam have a special importance. This is because most of the popular hymns are from the 7th century and the later period. Very few like the Durga suktam are from the Vedic period.

The Durga suktam is a series of hymns present in Taittiriya Aranyaka, the later sessions of Vedas, and important sacred texts for Hindu rituals.

Most of the Durga suktam lyrics mainly address and adhere to Agni, the sacrificial fire. Where Agni implies even to the Devi Durga indirectly.

Goddess Durga is linked to Agni and there is a form of Durga devi called Agni Durga. Coming to the Durga suktam meaning, the devotee asks the Goddess and Agni to offer their protection, give moksha, and make lives happier and prosperous.

Starting with the words jatavedase, the Durga suktam lyrics when chanted understanding the meaning can have a great effect and one can feel the bliss of divine mother Durga.

Goddess Durga described in Durga suktam lyrics and meaning.

Durga Suktam Lyrics and Meaning in English

Om Jatavedase sunavama soma marateeyatho nidahathi vedaha
Sa nah parshadati Durgani viswa naveva sindhum duritaatyagnihi (1)

O Jataveda (Agni from whom the Vedas came), we will extract and offer you the soma, may that Agni burn away all the obstacles in this life
That Agni, protect us from the all the sorrows just like the ship that helps to pass on the ocean, may that Agni protect us from mistakes

Tamagni varnaam tapasa jwalanteem vairochaneem karma phaleshu justhamm
Durgam devigum sharanamaham prapadye sutarasi tarase namaha (2)

The one with the radiance of Agni, who shines with the power of tapas (penances), the one belonging to the supreme God, the illuminating one, the Shakthi who lies within karma and its course of actions
O that Goddess Durga devi, I bow to you and seek your refuge, please take me to the coastline (from this ocean of samsara), my salutations to you

Agne twam paraya navyo asmaam swasthibhirathi Durgani viswa
Puuscha prudhivi bahulaa na urvi bhavaa thokaya tanayaya shamyoh (3)

O the Agni deva, the praisable one, you will take us on a pleasant path away from all the sorrows
May our place, country, and the world be protected and prosperous, may our children and their children be blessed by you, please be the one who gives the happiness.

Viswani noo Durgaha jatavedah sindhum na navaa durithatiparshi
Agne atrivanmanasa grunanoosmakam bhodyavitha tanunaam (4)

O Jataveda (Agni), the remover of all our sorrows and rescuer of us, just like the drowning man in an ocean rescued by a boat
That Agni, just like Sage Atri, (who continuously in his heart thinks about the happiness of others), please keep those words of welfare in your heart too,  O the protector of our bodies

Prutana jithagum sahamanamugra-magnigum huvema paramadsadasdath
Sa nah parshadati Durgani viswa kshaamaddevo ati duritaat-yagnihi (5)

The destroyer of enemies, who surrounds them all, the ferocious one, O Lord Agni, we invoke you the one seated on the highest place of the assembly to here
That Agni deva, protect us from this world filled with difficulties, from those vanishes one day, and from mistakes, safeguard us and take us away from those difficulties

Pratnoshi kameedyo adhvareshu sanaccha hota navyascha satsi
Swamchagne tanuvam pipraya-swasmabhyam cha saubhagamayajaswa (6)

Being the one praised in the Yagas, you are bringing happiness in our lives. You are the one who is present in the doer of penances(Hota), both as new and the old being
Residing inside us in the form of yours, give us happiness and bring us prosperity from all the ways

Gobhirjustha-mayujo nishiktham tavendra vishnoranu-sancharema
Nakasya prusthamabhi samvasano vaishnavim loka iha madayantham (7)

For getting the innumerable cattle and wealth and for ultimate happiness, we remain with you, O supreme lord, who is without any sins and prevailing all
With our devotion to the Goddess Vaishnavi and others, who reside in the Deva Loka. May they bestow happiness to me in this world.

Om katyayanaya vidmahe Kanyakumari dhemahi tanno durgi prachodayath

Let’s know the Goddess Katyayani, for that meditate on the Goddess Kanyakumari, may the Goddess Durga awaken us to consciousness.

Om shanthi shanthi santhihi

Durga Suktam Benefits

Chanting the Durga suktam has immense benefits, mainly the devotees who chant this suktam gets the protection of Goddess Durga and Agni. They will be protected from their difficult situations. All the obstacles in their life get removed.

By the mercy of Durga devi, devotees who chant the Durga suktam will clearly know the path of righteousness to attain moksha.

Along with these, several other benefits are mentioned in the Durga suktam itself. The person who chants the lyrics with true devotion understanding its meaning, will be blessed with good fortune, prosperity, and victory.

One can even feel the divine power of Shakthi on meditating on this suktam.


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