Ganesha Ashtakam: Lyrics, Meaning in English – Ganashtakam

Ganesha Ashtakam or Ganashtakam is a devotional hymn to worship Lord Ganesha or Ganapathi, the remover of obstacles and the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Coming to the Ganesha Ashtakam lyrics, they are composed in a simple way using terms that attribute to the divine qualities of Lord Ganesh.

This devotional Ashtakam contains a total of eight stanzas and an additional stanza explaining the phalastuti or benefits of reciting the stotram.

The lyrics and meaning of this Ashtakam mainly explain the appearance of Lord Ganesha, his valor, bonding with mother Parvati, and his compassionate nature on his devotees.

Lord Ganesha described as in Ganesha Ashtakam or Ganashtakam

Ganesha Ashtakam Lyrics and Meaning

Ekadantham mahakayam tapta kanchana sannibham
Lambodaram vishalaksham vandeham Gananayakam (1)

O the one who is with a single tusk and with a mighty body that looks resplendent like that of molten gold
Who is having a huge belly, pleasant and broad eyes, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Mounjee krishnajina-dharam Naga-yagnopaveetinam
Baalendhu sakalam maulim vandeham Gananayakam (2)

The Lord, who have a Mounjee grass thread around his waist and wearing the skin of a deer, The one who has a snake as the sacred thread (Yagnopaveetha)
Having adorned with moon on his forehead, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Chitra ratna vichitrangam chitra maala vibhushitam
Kama rupa dharam devam vandeham Gananayakam (3)

The one who is adorned with precious gems and jewels on his body parts, who looks glorious with the adorned garlands
The Lord, Who can take the form of his interests, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Gaja vaktram sura-sreshtam karna chamara bhushitam
Pashankusha-dharam devam vandeham Gananayakam (4)

O the one with the face of an elephant, esteemed among the suras, who is bedecked with ear ornaments
The Lord who holds a noose (Pasha) and a goad (Ankusha) in his hands, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Mushikottama maaruhya devaasura mahaahave
Yoddu kamam mahaveeryam vandeham Gananayakam (5)

Who mounts on a great mouse (Mushika), who is worshipped by Devas and Asuras
Who displays great energy and immense valor, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Yaksha Kinnara Gandarva Siddha Vidhyadharai ssada
Sthuya maanam mahabahum vandeham Gananayakam (6)

O the Lord who is worshipped all the time by the Yakshas(beings and spirits with immense powers), Kinnaras(celestial attendants and musicians), Gandarvas (divine singers and dancers), Siddhas (Supreme scholars and masters), and Vidhyadharas (heavenly beings, demigods with immense powers)
The one with strong arms and body, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Ambika hrudayanandam maatrubihi pariveshtitham
Bhaktha priyam madonmattham vandeham Gananayakam (7)

The one who delights the heart of divine mother Ambika (Goddess Parvati), who is always looked after by his mother
Who shows his love and care to the devotees, intoxicated and exited in wars, I bow to you, Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Sarva vighnam haram devam sarva vighna vivarjitham
Sarva siddhi pradataram vandeham Gananayakam (8)

Lord Ganesha, the one Who removes all the obstacles, who frees and exempts from all the obstacles
Who can bestow all the siddhis, I bow to you Lord Ganesha, the leader of Ganas.

Ganashtaka midam punyam yah pateth satatam naraha
Siddyanthi sarva kaaryani vidyavaan dhanavaan bhaveth (9)

One who recites this blissful Ganashtakam frequently, for those beings
All their works will get fulfilled, and they will be bestowed with knowledge and wealth.


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