Krishna Ashtakam: Lyrics, Meaning, and Benefits

The Shri Krishna Ashtakam is one of the popular hymns on Lord Krishna, which is composed of simple lyrics yet with beautiful meaning and explains several aspects related to Lord Krishna.

Starting with the lyrics, ‘Vasudeva Sutam devam’, this Sri Krishna Ashtakam is a hymn of 8 stanzas and each one ending with the verse ‘krishnam vande jagadgurum’ signifying that Lord Krishna is the greatest guru of the world.

Also, this ashtakam explains the divine qualities, stories, and appearance of Lord Krishna in a simple way. The Phalastuti or the last stanza explains the benefits of reading this divine hymn.

Krishna Ashtakam

Lyrics and Meaning of Krishna Ashtakam

Vasudeva sutam devam kamsachanura mardhanam
Devaki paramanandam krishnam vande jagadgurum (1)

O Lord, the son of Vasudeva, who killed the Kamsa(Maternal uncle) and Chanura (Wrestler in the Kamsa’s court) (for their wicked actions)
Who is the immense joy of Devaki (Krishna’s Mother), O Krishna I bow to you, the guru of the world.

Aathasipushpa samkaasam haaranupura sobhitam
Ratnakankana keyuram krisham vande jagadgurum (2)

The one who is looks great with Aathasi flowers (blue flax flowers), who shines resplendent with the jewels like harams and anklets
Who wears a bracelet (like Kankana) made with precious gems, I bow to you Lord Krishna, the teacher of the world.

Kutilalaka samyuktham purnachandra-nibhananam
Vilasatkundala-dharam krisham vande jagadgurum (3)

The one with the curly hair, whose face looks like the full moon
Who is adorned with great looking earrings, I bow to you, Lord Krishna, the Guru of the world.

Mandaragandha samyuktam charuhasam chaturbhujam
Barhipinchava chudamgam krisham vande jagadgurum (4)

The one who has fragrance of the pastes of Mandara flowers, with a gentle smile and four hands
Wearing the peacock feather on his head, I bow to you O lord Krishna, the guru of the world.

Utphalla padma patraksham Neelajeemuta sannibham
Yadavaanaam siro-ratnam krisham vande jagadgurum (5)

O the one whose eyes look like bloomed lotus petals, whose body resembles the dark blue clouds
Who is the crest gem (greatest one) among the Yadava clan, Lord Krishna, I bow to you, the guru of the world.

Rukminikeli samyuktam peetambhara susobbhitam
Avaapta tulasi gandham krisham vande jagadgurum (6)

The Lord who is engaged in playing with Rukmini, adorned and resplendent with peetambaras (silk garments woven with gold)
Who attracts to the scent of Tulasi (Ocimum), I bow to you, Lord Krishna, Guru of the World.

Gopikaanam kuchadwandwa kumkumamkita vakshasam
Sri niketham maheshvasam krisham vande jagadgurum (7)

One who is embraced with the Gopikas by which whose body is smeared the Kumkum (vermilion)
The Lord in whom the Lakshmi resides, the one who has a big bow, O Krishna, I bow to you, the guru of the world.

Srivatsankam mahoraskam vanamala virajitam
Sankhachakra-dharam devam krisham vande jagadgurum (8)

Having the marks of Sri Vasta (mark of devi Lakshmi), Who gristly enjoys (in himself), looking great with the garlands of flowers
O Lord Krishna, holding the conch and a discus, I bow to you, the Guru of the world.

Phalastuti – Benefits of this Hymn

Krishnashtam idam punyam prataruthaya yah pateth
Kotijanma krutam papam smaranena vinasyati

The one who recites this Krishna ashtakam early in the mornings will get immense Punya
And the sins done in his previous births will also be destroyed by reciting (understanding the meaning).

Ithi sri Krishnashtakam sampoornam

Differences in Lyrics of Krishna Astakam

You can find several stotras named Krishna Ashtakam while searching online, and all are considered as Krishnashtakam itself. Then you might get a doubt about why the lyrics are different. This is because they were composed by different spiritual leaders.

The hymn that starts with ‘Sriyaslosto vishnuhu sthirachara guru‘ … was composed by Sri Adi Sankaracharya and the one with the lyrics of ‘Srigopa gokula vivardhana nandasuno’… is composed by Sri Vallabhacharya.

Like that there are several Krishna Ashtakam’s. The one mentioned above Vasudeva sutam devam is considered one of the oldest and most popular among the krishnashtakam’s.



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