Goddess Kushmanda – Significance, Mantras, Story, and Festivals

Goddess Kushmanda is the fourth Goddess among the Navadurga’s, who is credited as the creator of the Universe with her gentle smile.

Even the word Kushmanda gives the same meaning. Ku means small or little, Ushma means energy or warmth, and Anda means the egg, indicating the cosmic egg of creation, finally giving the meaning as the creator of the Universe from cosmic egg or the creator of the egg shaped Universe.

This Devi is worshipped as a form of Goddess Durga on the fourth day of Navaratri.

This Goddess is also known with the name Surya mandala Antarvardhini, the one who resides in the Surya mandala and also indicating that the radiance of Sun is caused internally by the Shakthi, who resides in the mandala in order give the life to her creation.

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Hindu Scriptures on Goddess Kushmanda

In the Devi Kavacha of Chandi, Kushmanda goddess, along with others in the Navadurga’s are mentioned as forms of Durga.

Also, in the Varaha Purana and Shaivaagamas, the name of this goddess is mentioned among the Navadurga’s.

As per the Yoga shastras, this Goddess is known to be associated with the Anahata chakra in Kundalini vidya.

Also, the Devi is described in the Puranas as the one with the radiance of millions of suns.


Goddess Kushmanda is often described riding on a Lion or Tiger and as Ashtabhuji, the one with eight hands.

She holds a chakra (discus), shula (trident), gadha (mace), dhanu (bow), bana (arrow), padma (lotus), mala (rosary), and two aesthetic jars, one filled with blood and the other with elixir (Amrutha).

Often the Mata is also described as the one with three eyes, with a pleasant face and gentle smile.

Mantra and Prayer for Goddess Kushmanda


Om Kushmandayai Namaha


Suraa sampurna kalasham rudhiraplutameva cha
Dadhana hasta padmabhyam Kushmaanda Subhadasthu mae

Holding a kalsham’s (aesthetic pots ) one filled up with Amrutha, another with the blood and

holding them by her lotus like hands, O Mata Kushmaanda, please bestow me good luck and fortune.

Significance of Goddess Kushmanda

Maa Kushmanda is worshipped to bring auspiciousness and is also well known for her protecting and bestowing nature.

One can even understand Devi’s nature looking at the kalasha the maa holds. The Kalasha filled with the Amrutha or Sudha indicates the bestowing of wishes to her devotees, while the kalasha of blood indicates her protecting nature by destroying the enemies or the wicked.

Also, worshipping Goddess is known to attain divine knowledge, siddhis as well as wisdom. The Mata Kushmanda is shown with a rosary present in her hands that can bestow any siddhi you need as well as divine knowledge.

Festivals Celebrated

  1. Navaratri – 4th day of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of this Devi as a preceding deity and as a form of Durga.
  2. Kushmanda Navami – In some parts of India, people celebrate Navami in the Kartika masa to obtain the blessings of the Goddess.

Temples of Goddess Kushmanda

  1. Kushmanda Durga Temple, Durga Kund, Varanasi. (there are nine dedicated temples to the Navadurga goddess in Varanasi)
  2. Kushmanda Devi Mandir, Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh.

Story of the Goddess Kushmanda

After the end of Kalpa (kalpantha), The Parashakthi took the form of Devi Kushmanda and reinitiated the creation of the Universe, which was filled with complete darkness.

First the Goddess with her radiance, removed the darkness and brought light in the Universe.

Then the Goddess initiated the process of creation of the Universe from the cosmic egg with her gentle smile and radiance.

In order to sustain life, she became the source of energy for the entire Universe.

Later she created all the Universe and settled her Shakthi in the Surya mandala giving the power to the Sun to providing adequate light in the Universe.

In that way, Devi became the source of the power to the Sun God.

That’s the reason why this Goddess is called with the name Surya mandala Antarvardhini (The one who resides within the Surya mandala).

The name Kushmanda not only implies as the creator of the egg shaped Universe but also as the protector of the Universe in her womb, indicating the creating and protecting nature.

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