Shatpadi Stotram: Lyrics, Meaning – Avinaya Mapanaya Vishnu

Shatpadi stotram is a beautiful stotram composed by Shankaracharya to praise Lord Vishnu. This stotram mainly focuses on praying Lord Vishnu to remove our attachments to this materialistic world and lead us towards attaining the moksha.

Starting with Avinaya mapanaya Vishnu, the Shatpadi Stotram lyrics are composed in a very simple way, including in it, the various sacred names, qualities, and divine attributes of Lord Vishnu.

Coming to the Shatpadi stotram meaning, it has a very in depth meaning, where each and every verse requests the Lord to uplift the devotees from the samsara and to lead to moksha. At the same time, requesting God to give good qualities and control over tendencies in the world.

Reciting this Vishnu shatpadi stotram has many benefits like getting self realization, understanding the aim of this birth, and so on. Also, this prayer is a great way to increase devotion towards Lord Vishnu and to get the mercy of God.

Shatpadi stotram of Lord Vishnu

Shatpadi Stotram Lyrics with Meaning

Avinaya mapanaya Vishno damaya manah samaya vishaya mrugatrushnam
Bhuthadayam vistaraya taraya samsara-sagarataha (1)

O Lord Vishnu! Please remove my indecency, subdue my mind, and control its interests in the worldly pleasures
Increase my compassion for all the beings and show me the path to cross the ocean of the cycle of birth and rebirth (Samsara)

Divyadhunee makarande parimala paribhoga satchidanande
Sripati padaravinde bhava bhaya khedacchide vande (2)

I bow to lotus like feet of Lord of Lakshmi (Sripati), of which the nectar is the divine celestial river Ganga, and whose fragrance leads to the enjoyment of true eternal bliss (Satchidananda)
By which the fears and pains of the worldly existence get cut off, I bow to those feet.

Satyapi bhedha pagame nadha Tavaaham na mamakinastvam
Samudro hi tarangaha kvachana samudro na tarangaha (3)

O Lord, although the difference between you and me waves off due to true realization, then I become yours, but not you as a part of mine
Just like the waves and the ocean, waves belong to the ocean, but the ocean doesn’t belong to the waves.

Uddhrutanaga nagabhi-dhanuja dhanuja-kulaamitra mitra-sesidrusthe
Dhrusthe bhavathi prabhavathi na bhavathi kim bhavatiraskaraha (4)

The one who lifted the mountain, the younger brother of the mountain breaker (Indra). The one who is enemy to the Asura clan, O the one having sun and the moon as his eyes
O Lord, When you are seen, how can it be with me, without losing my interests in this birth and its attachment with this mortal world

Matsyadhibhi ravataarairhi avataravathaavata sada vasudham
Parameshwara paripalyo bhavata bhavatataa-paribhithoham (5)

O the one who took Matsya and other incarnations and protected the worlds all the time.
O the great God, protect me who is frightened about the sufferings caused in this cycle of birth, death, and rebirth (samsara).

Damodhara gunamandira sundara-vadanaravinda Govinda
Bhava jaladhi madhana mandara pramam daramapanaya twam mae (6)

The one who is with a cord around his waist (Damodara), who is the embodiment of good qualities (Gunamandira), who is having a charming, lotus like face, O the one who pleases cows or who cares about all the beings (Govinda)
O the one who is the very Mandara mountain that can help in churning the ocean of samsara, please remove all the great fears from me

Narayana Karunamaya sharanam karavani taavakau charanau
Ithi shatpadi madeeyae vadana saroje sada vasathu

The supreme being who is having water as his adobe (Narayana), The compassionate one (Karunamaya), I seek the refuge of your lotus like feet
May this Shatpadi, the six versed storam, which is like the six legged honey bee, forever reside in my lotus like face.

Ithi Shrimad Shankaracharya virachitham Vishnu shatpadi stotram sampoornam
Thus ends the Vishnu Shatpadi Stotram composed by Shrimad Shankaracharya.


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