Sri Surya Ashtakam – for Worshipping Lord Surya

Dedicated to Lord Surya, the Surya Ashtakam contains eight stanzas that elucidate the glory of Sun God, Surya.

Starting with the line Aadi Deva Namastubhyam, The Surya Ashtakam Lyrics mentions the Lord as Aadi deva, meaning the Lord present from the beginning. Then, the Lyrics mention the various names of Surya and the appearance of the Lord.

Moreover this Ashtakam also mentions Lord Surya as the remover of Sins and other Divine attributes.

Praying Lord Surya with Surya Ashtakam daily is considered to bless one with immense wealth, health, and progeny. This is also mentioned in the Phalastuti part of the Ashtakam.

Surya Ashtakam of Lod Surya with complete Surya Ashtakam Lyrics.

Sri Surya Ashtakam with Lyrics

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