Yantrodharaka Hanuman Stotram: Lyrics, Meaning, Benefits – English

Yantrodharaka Hanuman stotra is a beautiful hymn to worship Lord Hanuman. It was composed by Guru Vyasaraja, who belongs to the Dvaitha philosophy in Hinduism.

It was believed that this stotra is composed while Vyasaraja wished to install a Hanuman yantra on a hillock in Hampi, Karnataka.

The Yantrodharaka hanuman stotra lyrics are composed in a unique and simple way such that it can be easily recited by the devotees. It contains a total of 8 stanzas of which the first four stanzas compose the main yantrodharaka stotra and the last four stanzas explain the phalastuti or benefits of reciting this hymn.

Apart from the lyrics, Yantrodharaka hanuman stotra meaning is in-depth and explains the appearance of Lord Hanuman, his greatness, divine qualities, and bestowing nature on his devotees.

yantrodharaka hanuman stotra - Lord Hanuman

Yantrodharaka Hanuman Stotra Lyrics with Meaning

Namami dutham Ramasya sukhadam cha Suradrumam
Peenavrutta maha baahum sarva shatru nivaranam (1)

I bow to you, O Lord, the one who pleases Lord Rama, who is the wish fulfilling tree to the Suras
Who has long hands that are gentle and slender, O the remover of all the enemies (I bow to you)

Nana ratna samaayuktha kundaladhi virajitham
Sarvadaabheestha dhataram satam vai druda maahavey (2)

The one who is looking resplendent with the Kundalas (earrings) that are studded with various gems
Who fulfils all the wishes of his devotees, who is steadfast in battlefield (I bow to you)

Vaasinam chakra-teerthasya dakshinyasthey girau sada
Tungaambodhi tarangasya vaatena parisobhithe (3)

O the Lord, who resides on the hill that is present south to the Chakra teertha
which looks magnificent with the winds that come flowing over the Tunga river

Nana desa gathaihi sadbhihi sevya manam nrupottamaihi
Dhoopa deepadi naivedyaihi panchakhadya-ischa shakthitaha (4)

The one who is served by people of various countries, the best among the Kings
Who is served with ritualistic practices of Dhoopam, deepam and naivedyam, and by  panchakhadya offerings (sweet made up of five ingredients namely dried dates, coconut, khas khas seeds, raisins, and rock candy).

Bhajami sri hanumantham hema kanthi samaprabham
Vyasa tirtha yateendrena pujitaam pranidhanataha (5)

I pray to Lord Hanumantha, who is shining like that of gold
Who is worshipped by Vyasatirtha yatindra, I bow to you Lord Hanuman

Trivaram yah pathennittyam stotram bhakthya dvijottamaha
Vanchitham labhathe abheestham shanmasaabyantare khalum (6)

The devotees who recite this stotram three times a week, will be an ultimate being
And will also get all the wishes fulfilled with in a period of six months

Putradhi labhathe putram yashordhi labhathe yashaha
Vidyarthi labhathe vidyaam dhanardhi labhathe dhanam (7)

The reciter, who seeks for a child, will have a child, who seeks fame and glory, will be granted with fame and glory
And a disciple will acquire knowledge and the seeker of wealth attains wealth.

Sarvadamaasthu samdeho Harihi sakshi jagatpatihi
Yah karoth yatra samdeham sayathi narakam dhruvam (8)

Never get doubted about the eternal truth that Hari is the witness and father of the universe
And who doubts this eternal truth, would certainly go to hell (indicating that devotee would never understand the supreme truth).

Ithi sri vyasaraja virachitha yantriddharaka hanuman stotram sampoornam
Thus completes the Yantrodharaka hanuman stotram composed by Sri Vyasaraja yateendra.

Yantrodharaka hanuman stotra benefits

Among Lord hanuman hymns, Yantrodharaka hanuman stotra has immense importance as it is well known for its wish fulfilling nature.

Reciting this stotram is a great way to pray to Lord Hanuman for his mercy. Also, it’s a great stotram to bestow good health, fame, protection, knowledge, and wealth.

It is mentioned in stanza six of this stotram that reciting this stotra 3 times a week can help a devotee fulfill his meaningful wish in a period of six months.


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